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There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow (TOL #16)

Hello!! Happy Thursday to you!!

Today I am SO EXCITED because we are leaving for Disney TOMORROW!!! As I am typing this up, I am singing the wonderful song from The Carousel of Progress “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…” sorry not you probably will have that song stuck in your head too 😉


Since my brain is all over the place today, it’s the perfect opportunity to join in on Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud party! img_8187

  • Remember how I was hoping that my DD coffee would magically wake me up yesterday?! No such luck. I was yawning and so sleepy all day yesterday. It totally didn’t help that I was so frantic not knowing what the heck was going on in the math lab where I was subbing. But, I got through it 🙂 A child may or may not have ran out of my classroom….ugh. 
  • Michael & I went to Target once I got home from work to get some travel size things for our mini trip.


  • I so wish we were going to Disney for longer than a weekend, but I’ll take what I can get…I’m sure we will be back in no time 😉
  • I finally bought a new Kate Spade Planner this week!! I just LOVE filling out a new planner…don’t you?!


  • This morning started with a 45 minute run/walk. I ran while reading Big Love by Sarah Dunn. Honestly, I’ve ran out of books to read so I took a chance and picked one off my Kindle recommendations list. I feel like I’ve read every book so I am running out of options..haha.
  • I brought Gio to Preschool this morning! I absolutely love getting to spend time with my nephews so I jumped at the chance to take him this morning!! We got there a little early so we were being silly in the car before heading in. 🙂
  • Now I am at the store with my Mama while checking over our plans for our weekend. EEEKKKKK!! I am so excited!! I cannot wait to be back HOME!!
  • I still have to pack, but I am hoping it won’t be so bad because we don’t need so much. I’m sure I will still over pack like always..a girl needs her options! 
  • I’m getting my nails done this afternoon and I have a feeling I might have her put some Mickey’s on my nails to get them Disney ready! YAAAYYYY!!!!!
  • Alright, I’m sure you’re sick of reading that I AM SO EXCITED!! So I will end it here!

Have a GREAT day!! Xoxo

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