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High in the sky 

Heyyyy! Happy Monday to you!

I am typing this on my phone as we are on the plane high in the sky. Our flight got cancelled so we got put on another flight, which ended up getting delayed, so as you can imagine, it’s been one LONG travel day. We just can’t wait to be home. Well, I would much rather be in Disney still, but you get what I mean 😉 I honestly can’t keep my eyes open, and since I hate dozing off on the plane (because it makes me feel even worse when I wake up) I figured I would type up a blog post to keep me busy! 

We had such a fabulous weekend away! I am so exhausted since we were GO GO GO all weekend and I even stayed up past midnight every night! (Can you believe it?!) And, I barely drank any coffee. Nothin’ compares to my DD! 

I want to talk about how I just almost had a panic attack when we got on the plane. It was so chaotic because the flight we got put on (after ours got cancelled) was delayed, and then the board said it was delayed to even later. Then, they switched our gate over and started boarding right then and there! It was so crazy and everyone was at the gate to go on the plane at once, and then getting in the plane was even more crazy because everyone was frantic about their seat assignments. And of course I had to pee really bad because I usually wait before we board to go, but didn’t have time. Oh, and that reminds me…I went in the bathroom earlier in the airport and someone was throwing up in the stall next to me. OMG, guys…..you may not understand but I legit have a phobia of anyone being sick around me and of course me getting sick. So anyways, now that you know that information I was FREAKING OUT. I ran out of there shaking! Needless to say this was NOT a good way to start the day. But anyways, we got in our seats and I was just so panicked and so anxious about the flight that I started crying. I am a wreck on planes! But, I calmed down and luckily it has been a good flight so far. It just started to get real bumpy and it looks like we are flying over Virginia so we probably have another hour left. I get so worked up and so anxious about flying because of the way it makes my head and stomach feel. I hate the dips and turns and the falling feeling. (But put me on Space Mountain and I am one happy lady) I just hate not knowing how the flight is going to go, not knowing when it’s going to get bumpy/not bumpy, etc. I don’t know how to explain it, and you may not understand, but I keep wanting to go on vacation to places that we have to fly to (especially to Disney) that you would think I actually was used to flying! 

I guess I just wanted to post my thoughts to keep myself busy and take my mind off the flight. 😉 I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are having a great Monday! I will be back with a post tomorrow all about our trip!! Xoxo 

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