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Day two in Disney!

Heyyy!! Good morning to you!! I hope you are having a great week so far. I am feeling prettyyyy exhausted still and have absolutely no energy, but other than that this week is going quite alright. My sleepiness is probably just because of the long day of travel day and the lack of sleep I’ve gotten all weekend. I feel a nap in my future…I don’t know when, but I feel it coming. Anyways, its a rainy day out here because I guess we are getting hit with Jose, but luckily it will just be some wind and rain. (Gross, if you ask me)

This morning when I woke up, once again I felt like I could sleep for a whole night again. Whomp whomp. But, I got my bum out of bed, threw some laundry in, and got my workout on. I ran 3.5 miles, then finished with a 15 minute arms and abs circuit. I was a sweaty mess after that..woooo!

My iPhone screen has been acting up, and I basically can’t use my phone. Which is TOTALLY frustrating, but I guess I am glad it didn’t happen while in Disney because then I would be super furious. I like can’t press anything on my screen for a couple minutes, then it will work for one minute, and go back to not working. Annoying, if you ask me. There are no available appointments at an Apple store nearby, and unfortunately I have to wait until NEXT TUESDAY to get in there. Ugh.Β Super annoying.

Speaking of Disney, today I am going to share all about our second day in Disney, which was Saturday! Missed the first post about our getaway? That’s ok, find it here!

The whole time we were in Disney I was so excited, and felt like we had so much to do in such short time…which is why I woke up on Saturday morning at 5am, closed my eyes for another hour and finally got up around 6:30 to make my way down to the fitness center! I am obsessed with the name of the fitness center at the Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom…Survival of the Fittest! Isn’t it awesome?! Fortunately, I had the place all to myself so I could really get into it and jam out to my music (I may or may not have sung along to my music).Β img_1753-2.jpg

I hopped on the elliptical for about 35 minutes. I miss the elliptical SO MUCH. It is so much more fun than the treadmill, and I think I am going to have to invest in one. I have no idea where the heck I am going to put it in our place, but I will find somewhere to fit it…I need one!!!

After getting ready, I woke Michael up and we headed to breakfast at our favorite place ever, The Grand Floridian Cafe! πŸ™‚ We had to see Robert, of course!! I had my usual: an (unpictured) english muffin and a fruit plate with extra fruit. Yummmmm! They also give you biscuits with butter and jelly to munch on before your meals. Michael got a fruit plate and a bowl of oatmeal. I forgot to snap a picture of his meal, oopsies.

After breakfast, we hit up the pool at the Grand Floridian! I love this pool so much!

It was HOT HOT HOT! We only lasted about a couple hours, then headed back to our room to shower and get ready for lunch! But before leaving the Grand Floridian, we ran into sweet Richard greeting guests in the front of the Grand, and naturally, I had to take a picture of him and tell him we are praying for him! (Did you hear he lost everything due to Irma? Poor thing. My heart breaks for him!) I love him!img_1773-1

When returning back to our room, mousekeeping cleaned our room and made our bed look so comfy…Shellie May was the queen of the castle apparently! πŸ˜‰img_1777-1

We ate lunch at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort. Oooooomg….guys, I know I talked about this place when we went in July, but the fruit plate was AMAZING! OMG! And those rolls are HEAVENLY! Mmmmm!!! The fruit plate I ordered was off the breakfast menu, and each time I ordered it (we went here twice) the waitress kindly said that the chef puts everything away during lunch, so they weren’t sure if it could be done…but Disney magic is real and those chefs prepared the most beautiful, most delicious fruit plate EVERRRR!

I was one happy princess!img_1780-1

Afterwards, we headed back to our room to rest and get ready for the FUN night we were about to have!!! We went to Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club Resort to meet up with a bunch of my Disbride sisters and their husbands!!!! We planned a meet up for all of us to celebrate Rebeka and Courtney’s birthdays!! It was so amazing finally being able to meet these beautiful ladies!!!!img_1791-1

It’s so crazy to think that a Facebook group brought us so close. These are some of my very best friends, and I consider them family! They truly are my sisters!

Clearly, Tara and Rebeka and I had way too much fun taking pictures together!! πŸ˜‰

We headed to Magic Kingdom after since we had dinner reservations at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant! I got a salad, and a side of spaghetti. The spaghetti came with a meatball (that Michael ate). He got the Italian Trio which came with chicken parm, baked rigatoni, and fettuccini. We ate super fast because we wanted to get outta there and hangout with Tara and her husband, Adam! I didn’t really like the sauce on the spaghetti,Β (my Mama makes the best sauce) so I didn’t eat it. Whoops.

We met Mickey Mouse with Tara and Adam after!! It was SO fun! He did a “magic trick” with us using cards. It was hilarious!

We went to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and then went on the People Mover. πŸ™‚ It was so fun hanging out with them!!! Obviously we took castle pictures before heading out since the park was closing.

SO FUN! I am so extremely happy we got to meet a bunch of Disbride sisters and got to hang out with Tara and Adam! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for more!

I hope you all have a great day! Xoxo



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