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Sleep walking (TOL #17)

Happy Thursday, beautiful people! It’s almost the weekend….almost.

Today I am linking up my blog post with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party to share all of my random thoughts after my weekend getaway to Disney!


  • I never want to do a weekend trip to Disney again. It was WAY too short, and I don’t think I got enough sleep or haven’t recuperated after flying. I literally feel like I am sleep walking. Whomp whomp.
  • ….like, did it even happen?!?
  • I mean, I slept pretty good last night, but I woke up still tired.
  • I can’t believe I am typing this, but I feel like ONCE AGAIN I am coming down with a cold or something. Wtf? Is this even possible? I am blaming the airplane, because I just can’t seem to catch a break around here!
  • To add onto it, I am subbing today and tomorrow…full days. I don’t know if I am going to be able to sub tomorrow too if I still feel like this by the end of the day today. Does a sub ever get a sub? Well, this one is about to! (And of course I would feel terrible about doing so, but I don’t see me being able to scream my lungs off in a classroom in the state I am in at all). I did let the principal know last night that I wasn’t really feeling my best, and she said we would talk today. Of course that made me panic like I did something wrong, but I’m sure it will be fine….I hope.
  • Since I kinda feel like crap, I took it easy for my workout this morning. I did a 15 minute body weight workout followed by 10 minutes of intervals on the treadmill, then just a 3 minute cool down. I ended it with 2 minutes of planks.
  • I am in need of a full spa day. Like immediately. Pedicure, massage, you name it..I want it!! I wish we were in Disney for a little longer so I could go to Senses Spa in the Grand Floridian! Boooo. Speaking of a pedicure, my feet are really in desperate need of one! They are not so pretty!
  • The fruit all weekend was absolutely amazing. I wish it tasted just as good up here, but no such luck. It is like a completely different thing around here. I mean, LOOK at this fruit plate I got on Sunday from Kona Cafe at the Polynesian! (Still, not as amazing as their fruit plates they used to give IN a pineapple) Mmmmmm!


  • My nephew Gio asked for one thing, and one thing only, and that was for us to bring him back home CANDY from Disney! And since we did Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Sunday, I think it’s safe to say we got A LOT of candy for my boo! He was jumping up and down when I went to visit them on Tuesday! He was so excited and even shouted “I missed you!!!” which totally melted my heart! Such a sweetie! I also got both him and Enzo Halloween Mickey stuffed animals, but I forgot to snap a picture. I had to get them each the same thing so they don’t fight over it, haha!
  • It is my brother in law’s birthday today! So I think after dinner we are all going over there to sing Happy Birthday to him. 🙂
  • I saw a commercial for the new Real Housewives of Atlanta, and GIRLLLL I am so excited! This season looks like it is going to be SO drama-filled, and I am pumped Nene is back!



  • Alright, well I think that is enough of my random thoughts for this Thursday!! I will be back tomorrow with a new blog post all about this past Sunday in Disney, which was SO fun!!

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday, friends! Xoxo

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