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Day three in Disney!!

Happy Friday!!!! Happy first day of fall! (However, is it really “happy” fall? We all know what comes shortly after fall up here…) It is a CHILLY, windy day out around here..which totally feels like fall if you ask me! I am feeling the same as I did yesterday, pretty crappy. I think I just need to get some rest, and since I don’t really have any plans this weekend…rest is what I intend to do! This morning did start with an easy 3.2 mile run/walk, followed by 2 minutes of planks.

My full day of subbing in the art classroom yesterday was total chaos. It really didn’t help that I had to scream in order to be heard. I don’t know what it is, but I have never had a teaching experience like I am having now. Other than when I worked at the Boys & Girls Club, which I probably should have expected it to go the same way as there, because it is basically the same children I am dealing with. I just feel defeated and almost burst out in tears by the time the 5th grade class came to art. I just can’t believe the level of disrespect these kiddos have! It is crazy! Let’s just say, I am thankful the principal found coverage for today so I can at least rest my throat. I am still going to go to the store to help out my Mama, but I know it won’t be taking a toll on me like it would have if I had to sub. Which, I am so thankful that I work with my Mama and she actually cares when I am feeling pretty yucky, especially on days like today!

Today I am going to blog all about our final day in Disney, which was this past Sunday. Obviously, it was a SUPER short trip and I clearly didn’t have enough time to rest in between all of the excitement, which probably didn’t mix well with all of the airplane germs. But, it was so fun, and I don’t regret it one bit! Missed any of the magic? Find day one here, and day two here!

Upon waking up on Sunday, we got ready and headed to Animal Kingdom at about 9am! We had breakfast reservations, but wanted to walk around and finally get to see Pandora, since we didn’t go to AK in July. Did I ever mention on here that we renewed our Annual Passes in July? Annual Passholders get their own entrance to the parks, which is sometimes a longer line than the normal lines, but most of the time we used it!

Let me just tell you, Pandora is AMAZING! All of the detail they put into everything is unbelievable!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to ride the two new rides because the wait was longer than 150 minutes (WHAT!?!), and since we had breakfast reservations we headed on over to Africa for Tusker House! We waited a little bit to get seated and was sadly regretting our choice to dine there. The food selection wasn’t that great, compared to all of the other breakfast buffets we have done in Disney, and after 45 minutes our waitress asked us if we were all set seeing all of the characters. And guess what, by that time we hadn’t seen ANY!! This has never happened to us before, and the waitress couldn’t believe it either. We actually asked PhotoPass cast members when they would be coming to our tables and the two we talked to just said “soon”. Okay, well then the waitress told the manager and since we could see the conversation happening he seemed like he could honestly care less about it. So, we waited an hour and finally saw Mickey, Donald, and Daisy. This unfortunate event totally didn’t sit well with Michael, and kind of made for a bad start to the day. I was just as upset, and will NO LONGER be adding Tusker House to our plans for future Disney trips!img_1840

Later in the day we had tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!! We got ready, and headed out to the Grand Floridian so we can hop on over to the Magic Kingdom on the monorail! We sadly didn’t wear costumes, but I did get a cute Mickey shirt from Target!img_1848

Michael wore his Patriots shirt to the park, but soon after we bought a Halloween Party shirt for him to put over it so he can be in with the crowd 😉

We had dinner reservations at my favorite character restaurant, The Crystal Palace!! We had so much fun meeting with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. Seriously, I will never get tired of this place. I just love it so much and always have a blast with the characters! And BONUS: the food is delicious for both dinner and breakfast, so you never leave unhappy no matter what time of day you go!

I just LOVE hugs from Pooh and friends!!

…clearly, we had SO much fun. (Well, I did at least) 😉

It was finally time for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!! So, we headed to the beginning to grab our treats bags!! We snagged three of them because I was clearly on a mission to get ALL THE CANDY for Gio!!

I had all too much fun going to each Treats spot, our bags got SO FILLED UP! We hopped on It’s a Small World. I will forever love this ride and make it mandatory to ride it, as it was my Memere’s favorite ride ever.

We went on the Little Mermaid Under the Sea ride, because can you believe I HAVE NEVER been on it?! WHAT!!!! It’s cute!

We also went on Buzz Lightyear!! Michael was dominating, I think he got like 99999…and I got a lousy 300 points. HAHA! It was just so fun!

Now, you’re probably thinking, well Kayla…whyyyy didn’t you ride Space and Thunder Mountain? Well, my back was hurting really badly that night. I have no idea what I did to it, and I didn’t want to hurt it more by going on roller coasters. Booooooo 🙁 But, we did get to watch the BEAUTIFUL fireworks and the Boo To You parade!! (I didn’t snap any pictures, sorry…I was totally living in the moment) 

After the parade and fireworks, we were ready to go back to our room, since we were leaving the next morning.

I think it is safe to say we got enough candy for Gio!! Look at that HUGE bag!!img_1920

It was a magical getaway for sure!! I hope you all have a great FriYAY and a fabulous weekend!! Xoxo

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  1. Your Disney World trip sounds like a lot of fun other than your breakfast at Tusker House. Not sure when I’ll be able to afford to go to Disney World since I live in Oklahoma!

    1. It was so much fun!! I hope you will get to go to Disney in the future, it is the most magical place! Tusker House was a big let down, but it definitely didn’t ruin my weekend 😉 I wish we were still there! Xoxo

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