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An awesome fall weekend!

Happy Monday, lovelies! And Happy October! I can’t believe we are already in October!! It literally feels like it was just June a second ago.

Before we jump into this post, I have to take a moment to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected in the Vegas shooting. My heart hurts so badly waking up this morning to this devastating news.

How was your weekend? As you can imagine, I spent lots of time with my nephews and actually got to spend a bunch of time with Michael too! I honestly felt spoiled being able to hangout with him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! That usually never happens due to him working!

Friday afternoon a trip to the Apple Store happened! I had been waiting for this appointment for almost two weeks since my phone screen was not working properly and was acting all sorts of CRAZY and making me very very frustrated. Luckily, I ended up walking out of there with a new replacement phone for the price of a new screen (Apple charges $129), since there were other things wrong it than just the screen not working properly. Let’s just say, I was very happy I was able to get a new phone because with my luck, even after getting a new screen put on, it probably wouldn’t work still. img_2033The rest of the night was spent relaxing with Michael, watching a few of the shows we couldn’t wait to watch! I even snapped a picture of me and Stella Lou 😉

Our Friday night shows were: How To Get Away With Murder (which, in my opinion, that first episode was not anything exciting), The Mick, and Are You The One (I’m thinking sluts in a house should be it’s new name). I even stayed up past my bed time and fell asleep around 11. No Granny here 😉

Saturday was a rainy, chilly day. It started with a 4 mile run & incline walk, followed by 3 minutes of planks. I had to work until mid-afternoon, but afterwards I went to Target with my sister and Gio!We had lots of fun!

Once we got back to my sister’s house, I had to go in for a little to soak up some time with Enzo! We brought home some Superman capes for them found in the dollar section on Target! They love them!


Michael and I hit up the Vitamin Shoppe and a couple other errands, ate dinner, then searched our DVR for some shows! Can I just tell you how excited I am that Chicago PD is back!?! I am sad Lindsey is gone, and I don’t really like her replacement, but unlike How To Get Away With Murder, the first show of the season was most definitely AMAZING!

Sunday was a beautiful fall day! It started with a 3 mile run, followed by a 10 minute ab workout! I then went on a cleaning spree around our place: I swept, vacuumed, mopped, then dusted and sprayed the heavenly Walter & Rosie Candle Co Beach Club room spray in every room to bring some Disney magic into our house. I went to the grocery store with my Daddy (our weekly Sunday outing), then ran into Dunkin’ real quick to get a dozen donuts to bring over to my sister’s! The donuts look so October-ish and Halloweeny!! Gio and Enzo were very excited 🙂 I stayed over there for a while and played a bunch.

Baby snuggles and playtime is most definitely my favorite way to start a Sunday! Or any day for that matter!! 😉 I headed home afterwards since I knew Michael was getting home from the gym, just in time to tune in for the Patriots game! I am VERY happy our team all stood in unity for the National Anthem. (Sadly, they ended up losing). img_2061

Around about the beginning of the fourth quarter, Michael and I headed out to pick up Gio to go apple picking!! For Christmas this past year I gave Michael a homemade gift (along with several other gifts) with 12 envelopes filled with a date for each month. We kind of haven’t been keeping up with them (like for the last three months), but I really wanted to go on our date for September, and even though it wasnt technically September anymore, better late than never, right? We had lots of fun!! Apparently everyone we know decided to go apple/pumpkin picking yesterday, because everyone was sharing their fun pictures on Facebook!

I bit into a bunch of the apples as we walked around because they were so yummy! I just couldn’t get enough of them!! I think I ate too many though because my tummy was totally mad at me and upset once we got in the car to go home. Maybe it’s because I dug into them without washing first? No idea. But, after getting home and drinking some water I was fine! The rest of our night was spent watching some more football. Okay, honestly, I don’t really like watching football…only if I am watching the Patriots. (Shhh, it’s a secret)

Today started with a 10 minute HIIT run, followed by 10 more minutes of jogging. I was going to walk, but it felt better to run. So, after 20 minutes, I hopped off that treadmill and got on my yoga mat for some ab exercises: crunches, mountain climbers, heel taps, russian twists, and ending it with 2 minutes of plank variations. I am happy today is another day of my “weekend”! I am bringing Gio to school this morning, and I was supposed to go for pedicures with my friend Diana, but she got called in to sub this morning so no pedicures, that’s ok! I will probably go with my sister to pick up Gio from school, and hang out over there until Michael gets back from jujitsu training this afternoon. I am hoping Michael and I can get to the jewelry store today so we can get our rings cleaned. It has been way beyond 6 months since the last time we brought my rings in to be cleaned and checked, so I am very eager to get them all sparkly and shiny again!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! Xoxo

What was your favorite part of the weekend? Did you go apple or pumpkin picking? 

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