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It’s October 3rd

Good morning!! Happy Tuesday!!

On October 3rd he asked me what day it is. It’s October 3rd. (Where are my Mean Girls fans at?!?) 😉

I hope your week started off in a good way! Mine started off in the best way I could think of: I brought Gio to school yesterday and got some yummy baby snuggles before we left 🙂

I also got LOTS of giggles out of this cutie on our way to school 😉

Seriously, giggles from little ones is MUSIC TO MY EARS!! I just love it!!img_2095

I came home after and couldn’t stop watching the news. It was like a scary movie that I keep covering my eyes but sneak in a peek every couple seconds. Just absolutely terrible, PURE EVIL, what happened in Las Vegas. My thoughts and prayers are still with those who were affected by that evil man. I finally pulled my eyes away from the TV and went back with my sister and Enzo to pick up Gio from school. Later in the afternoon I went to Target with them (again), and then got to hang out with Michael for the rest of the evening! It was a great day around here for sure!!

This morning started with a 30 minute run and a 5 minute cool down. After that, I got down on my yoga mat for 2 minutes of planks. I had to go to my parent’s house to shower and get ready because our water is being shut off today by the water department in order for them to flush in new water (I guess). Praise the Lord!! I am hoping now our water won’t be permanently yellow/brown since they are doing this! Fingers crossed!! I haven’t washed whites since the last disasterI must say, it felt a little like I was at a hotel being able to shower at my parent’s house since it wasn’t my own shower. I am so thankful my parent’s live 5 minutes away and they let me use their shower at times like this! 🙂

Speaking of having our water shut off, I never really thought about how much we NEED water. Because without it, you can’t go to the bathroom and flush the toilet. OMG. You can’t wash your hands (so glad I keep Wet Ones with me in the car…I brought them in the house for today). You can’t wash your dishes, your laundry, or anything for that matter. Whomp whomp. Today shall be interesting. I’m glad I get to go work at the store today and be able to use the bathroom there! Haha!

I hope you have a fabulous day!! Xoxo

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  1. Snuggles and giggles are the best way to start a school day! No water does not sound fun. Hope everything’s going okay with that!

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