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Weekend Recap: jujitsu tournament & wife day

Good morning! Happy Monday to you! A new week! A fresh new start!

How was your weekend? Mine was awesome. I think it was one of the best weekend’s I have had in a while! 😉

Friday I was greeted with beautiful red and ivory roses from Michael! So sweet! I think he could tell I was feeling a bit lonely with all of his training he’s been doing so he brought a smile to my face in the simplest way! I just love fresh roses; they smell so good and are so pretty!img_2261

Saturday started with a 4 mile run. I knew I had a long, but fun day ahead and wanted to get in a good workout beforehand! I worked at the store until 3, then went to my parent’s house to get my Dad, so we could go to Michael’s jujitsu tournament in Providence, Rhode Island. It was so fun to get to spend that time with my Dad!

Let it be known that I FINALLY took out my Kate Spade Minnie Mouse bag to start using. I am super weird, and when I get a new purse I keep it all wrapped up until “I am ready to finally use the bag”, It’s like a national holiday when I whip out a new bag, seriously!


(Side note: It was cold out in the morning, but was actually 80 degrees by the afternoon. However, I didn’t change 😉 )

We made it to the tournament after about an hour. We had a little while to wait until it was Michael’s division, so we just watched some of the other fights. (Yikes!)

Finally, Michael was up! Ahhhh! Can I just say… it is totally hard to watch him in these matches. I swear, I didn’t breathe the whole time he was on the mat. I was SO nervous! img_2273

He ended up getting second place in his division! Woo hoo!


I am so very proud of him! He always pushes himself to conquer new things and always challenges himself. He is amazing!! Great job, babe!!

Once it was over I was hungry, kind of tired, and so so thirsty. We didn’t want to stop at Providence Place (which was right next door) and have to park in the parking garage just to grab food because we wanted something quick and easy, so on our way back home, my Dad and I stopped at Blackstone Valley and got Panera Bread! I ordered the Fuji Apple Salad but of course customized it a bit: all romaine lettuce, no cheese, no chicken, and no pecans. It was delicious! I also got an apple for my side.


Sunday started with an easy 3 mile run, followed by a 15 minute ab circuit. Michael woke up early claiming it to be “Wife Day“. (WHAT!?!) Which I guess meant we could do whatever I wanted and meant he would be with me ALL DAY LONG. (Ummmm, best day ever!?) First we went to the grocery store to stock our fridge with all the produce, then headed out to go to the mall. But, before, he had to get air put in his tire and as we were leaving the gas station afterwards we got in a small car accident. I was panicked, but we are all okay. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the other driver was going super fast, and we both didn’t see her until she was in front of us. Luckily, Michael was just inching out to go since someone was being kind of letting us go, so she only swiped the front of Michael’s car with her side, causing his license plate to fly off and resulting in black scratches on his front bumper. Her car is perfectly fine, and since we were all fine and only Michael’s car was a bit damaged, we all left. I was shaken up, but quickly forgot about it afterwards. However, since Michael’s tire needed to be repaired (the air didn’t do the fix), we came back home to take my car. Have no fear, it was still WIFE DAY! We were on our way to the mall, and I was all smiles.

First up, we went to Kate Spade, where I bought some new sunglasses!

Then, we went to the Disney store so I could feel like I was back home! (If only we were actually home)

We had fun walking around, holding hands like we were back in high school 😉

We went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch! My favorite!


Our waiter brought us a bread basket (danger, danger), waters, and we ordered the Thai Lettuce Wraps to start. I love these, especially here, because you can make your own. And perfect for me, since I don’t want chicken in mine.

I spy with my brown eyes, HIDDEN MICKEY’S!!! Do you see them?!img_2327

For our meals, I ordered the Skinnylicious Fresh Vegetable Salad, requesting it to be made with no cheese or beets. Michael ordered the Orange Chicken off the lunch specials menu, and the Smokehouse BBQ Burger. The man was hungry, since he needed to shed weight prior to his tournament, which meant he didn’t eat for like a week. But I think he thought he was much hungrier than what his tummy could actually handle, and ended up taking home lots of left overs. Haha. Our meals were yummmmmmy!

With my new sunglasses on, we headed back home, but first stopped at the apple farm to get bags of red delicious and cortland apples!!

Once home, we dug into those apples, which are so delicious, and watched the Patriots beat the Jets! There really is nothing like a fresh apple from the apple orchard, am I right?!img_2336

When the game was over, we went to a local park to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather! (It totally felt like summer)img_2340

We finally came back home for the night, ate dinner, and watched a bunch of our shows we had on our DVR! How To Get Away With Murder is just SO GOOD! I so wish we could binge watch the whole season at once! I can’t wait for this week’s episode! Eeek!

I must say, I LOVED this “Wife Day” that Michael made up, and I wish every single day was Wife Day!! 😉 😉

This morning started with a 25 minute HIIT run, followed by a 5 minute incline walk and a 5 minute cool down. I finished my workout with 3 minutes of planks. I quickly got ready before going to my sister’s house to bring Gio to school 🙂

He is just so handsome with his muscles!! He told me that he has “wicked strong muscles” so once we were stopped at a red light I just had to snap a picture of him flexing his big muscles!! SO CUTE!!! I just love starting my day with that cutie!! 🙂

Since I am still weekend-ing, today is a very chill day over here! I have a nail appointment this afternoon and will probably hang out with Michael later.


My roses are absolutely beautiful today!!! img_2341

Have a fabulous day, loves!!! Xoxo ♥♥



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