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It’s the little things in life (Thinking Out Loud #20)

Hi lovelies! Happy Thursday to you!

Something weird just happened to my little blog space, I have NO idea what happened to my post from last Thursday? I know I had posted one, but now it is no where to be found. Hmmmm. Maybe there are some internet fairies deleting things when I am not looking?! Lol! Anyways, I’m linking this post up with Amanda to join in the Thinking Out Loud fun, and hoping this one stays put! 😉


To keep my mind off of having to sub (in a 5th grade classroom) this afternoon, let’s start this day on a happy note, shall we?! I already got in an easy 2.5 mile run, and brought Gio to school, now I am at the store for about an hour until I have to head to the elementary school. But let’s not think of that right now..

This whole week I’ve been thinking about the little things in life that just make life so sweet; things that aren’t “major” but things that make you smile, make your day, make you feel loved. Do you know what I mean? Things that make you laugh, make you get butterflies, or something that makes you stop and think “this is great”. 


So, here it goes, all of the little things that are making my week wonderful!

Receiving “just because” rosesimg_2261

Leaving a love note for your husband, and getting one in returnimg_2362

Morning snuggles and laughs with Gio & Enzo

Hot coffee and getting to watch Live with Kelly & Ryan


I can’t stop the feeling” on the radio while driving to work


Relaxing and sipping cinnamon spice tea

When you really stop and think, you realize you are blessed, and you have many things, both little and big, to be happy about. ♥♥


Tell me in the comments what little things (or big things) that are making your week wonderful!! 

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