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Friday Favorites #4

Heyyyy! Happy FRIDAY!!

I’m comin’ at you a bit earlier than usual today, only because I am subbing again, but today in a preschool at a different school. I already got in a quick 2 mile run after my alarm went off earlier than I’m used to. And I have a headache, so that didn’t help. Anyways, we shall see how today goes. If it goes badly, hey, at least the weekend is finally here! I actually feel like this week has gone by fast, what about you? I hope it went by fast for you also, and didn’t draggggg…because we all know that I know how that feels! 😉 I’m not sure what is on the agenda for this weekend, but I’m sure it will be filled with lots of time spent with my nephews and Michael! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?!

Since it’s Friday, here is my round of up this week’s Friday Favorites!! I’m linking this post up with Heather!

  • Fresh Apples from the Apple Orchard

img_2370Michael and I ate all of the apples we got on Sunday, so we went again yesterday once I got home from subbing to get more! Yum yum!!

  • Beautiful fall weather


Beside from that freaky reflection in that picture, I think you can tell just how gorgeous it was outside yesterday!! I snapped this picture of the view outside at the apple orchard!

  • Spending time with Michael


I am soaking up allllllll the time I get to spend with him, because with work, training, etc. it can get a little lonely without him around 😉 I mean, can you tell by my huge smile how happy I am?! (Him too)


Seriously, this blanket is AMAZING! I read a review before buying it and it said something like “this blanket is like a unicorn pooped it out, full of fluff, and straight out of a fairytale” ummmm yessss!!!!!! It’s sooooo comfy! Michael and I joke that it’s the “unicorn blanket”


I knew I wanted new sunglasses when Michael and I went to the mall, and totally fell in love with these when I put them on! They are similar to my old ones since they both give me that sort of “cat eye” look 🙂

  • Getting to go to Gio’s Preschool Open House with my sister

I got to go with my sister to Gio’s preschool’s open house last night! It was so nice to be able to hang out with her without the boys, go into his classroom as a “parent(well Auntie), and hear all about what he is learning and doing in school!! He is so smart!

Have a great day loves!! And a fabulous weekend!! Xoxo ♥♥

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