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Walking like Oswald Cobblepot

Hi! Happy Wednesday to you! We are half way through the week!!

Subbing in Gio’s preschool classroom went really well yesterday! I had lots of fun and I think it’s safe he had fun too 😉

He was all smiles in the car when I was taking him home!

Unfortunately, I had on my Bob’s by Skechers shoes and was at the water table before leaving, which made my shoes super slippery…resulting in me FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS when we were leaving. Legit. That happened. 

The funny thing is, I was totally fine after falling down (around 11:45), just had a little bit of soreness in my foot, but I was really fine. I worked at the store after taking Gio home, came home for lunch and changed into sneakers, went back to the store until 5…and during ALL of this my foot felt fine. Then I came home, took my shoes off, did a mini ab workout, swept the floors, threw in a load of laundry, and realized then: I CAN’T PUT PRESSURE ON MY FOOT. 🙁 I can’t walk. Actually, I walk like Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) from Gotham, seriously! It hurt very bad and I was in SO. MUCH. PAIN.

Guys, I think I jinxed myself yesterday after posting about being 4 months away from the 10K. The second this pain happened to me I was SO MAD at myself. Who falls down the stairs and hurts their foot?! Of course I was thinking, “whyyyyyy meeeeee”. And OF COURSE I was pissed off that I can’t run, or workout really right now. Last night I was hoping to get in another run after working, but that didn’t happen, and a run didn’t happen this morning either. And I don’t really know when my next run will be because of this foot, and that makes me very sad. I’m just hoping it is better real soon!

I went to my sister’s house last night where I iced my foot on and off. It’s the weirdest thing; the side/top of my foot hurts, and I like couldn’t wiggle my toes or anything.


The boys totally cheered me up, though. They put on some old Halloween costumes they had, omg so adorable! This year Gio is going to be Batman and Enzo is going to be Superman. However, last night Enzo was Hulk and Gio was Sully 🙂

I came home around 8:45, in a crazy rain and wind storm. Now, when I say crazy, I mean crazy!!!! It was like someone was dumping buckets and buckets of water on top of my car. Crazy.

I got in bed the second I got home, well ok, I got in bed after taking some ibuprofen 800. Then eventually fell asleep. The good news is the pain from my foot didn’t keep me awake all night long like I thought it would. I actually slept (yay), and when I woke up this morning my foot didn’t hurt as bad as it did last night. I still can’t put a lot of pressure on it, and I still can’t walk on it like a normal person, but I can at least stand up without having pain and I can walk-yes a little like Penguin, but not as bad as last night.

This morning I am subbing in Gio’s classroom again and then working at the store. I’m hoping my foot feels better later instead of feeling worse. If not, I think I will need to get it checked out. I just hate going to the emergency room or any doctors office in general.

Have a great day, friends, and watch out for stairs! 😉 xoxo♥♥

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