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A day in the life of me!

Hey hey!! Happy Tuesday and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


How are you all doing on this fine Halloween day?! I am rather excited today! I am subbing at my favorite Preschool and it is Pajama Day!! It’s going to be a special day and I can’t wait to see the little babes in their comfy pjs! And, tonight I am going trick or treating with my sister and nephews!!!! Ooooohhh I just can’t wait! My sister and I are going to wear our capes and I have a pink tutu to wear too!! Are you going trick or treating with your kiddos if you have any? Or are you handing out candy to the little ones in your neighborhood?! 

I have a fun post I wanted to share today! A day in the life of me, all documented from yesterday, with picture overload! I’ve seen these types of posts from other bloggers and I just love to see what their days look like, so here is a glimpse into my day! Please keep in mind, this is a day where I did not have work, and I didn’t document every single thing I ate or did.

A day in the life- Monday, Oct. 30


6:20 am Wake up, brush teeth etc., chug a bottle of waterimg_2473-1

6:30 am Get my workout on!


Yesterday, as I mentioned, my workout consisted of an easy 2 mile run, a 10 minute circuit workout, and then 10 minutes of yoga/stretching.

7:30am Shower & get ready for the day


It was a super minimal makeup day (who am I kidding, it always is), I wore purely mineral foundation, bronzer, mascara, and filled my brows in with brow powder. Easy peasy! Hey, maybe I will do a beauty post soon!! 

8:15am Leave for my sister’s house to see the boys before school

Awww they were sleepy babies! πŸ˜‰

8:45 am Time to bring Gio to schoolimg_2484-1

9:15 am Coffee time, Live with Kelly and Ryan, & breakfast (unpictured)img_2486-1

10:00 am Blogging time!img_2487

11:00am Nail appointment!img_2489

My nail tech is amazing, she even puts the lotion on my hands in smiley faces πŸ˜‰

12:00 pm Pretty nails & jammin’ in my car to Taylor Swift on the way to say hi to my parents

12:45 pm Special delivery!! I had ordered canvas prints from CVS Photo and they arrived!

1:00 pm Lunch time! Salad with fruit, apple, and pita img_2496-1

2:00 pm Mint & Hallmark Channel Christmas movie img_2499-1

2:45 pm Off to run errands with Michael!img_2500-1

3:00 pm Old Navyimg_2501-1

3:20 pm Victoria’s Secret img_2504-1

3:50 pm Dick’s Sporting Goods
4:10 pm  Jam in the car to Chris Brown
4:15 pm Target

4:30 pm Grocery store & pick up take out for dinner laterimg_2518-2

5:00 pm Later than usual snack time while putting the groceries awayimg_2519-1

5:30 pm Start working on this blog postimg_2521
6:30 pm Dinner, unpictured (Think of a delicious, gigantic salad with ALL the fruit)

7:15 pm Watch Shark Tank with Michael. Sometimes these Sharks ATTACK! Jeeeeze! (This is my face when they get all feisty)img_2524
7:45 pm Drive over to my sister’s house and jam in the car to Drake…oh you fancy huh?img_2527
8:00 pm Snuggles and playtime with my babies!! I bought them both Halloween shirts and stickers, surprise!

9:00 pm Back home, Hallmark Channel Christmas movie and snack time (unpictured) while in bed.img_2531

10:30 pm Lights out, goodnight! To be honest, this was a later bedtime than usual, haha! 

Have a boo-tiful day!!! Xoxo β™₯β™₯

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