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Halloween 2017

Good morning! Happy Wednesday, Happy November 1st and Happy day after Halloween! Woah! Lots to be happy about today, especially because Christmas is near!! Yay!! 


I know the day after Halloween can always be a crazy one, especially in schools because all of the kiddos are still all wound up on CANDY and sometimes even sneak some into school, haha! I’m looking forward to hearing how everyone in Preschool’s night was trick or treating!!

I am here to share all about how my Halloween went…picture style! 😉

Halloween outfit! “Deja Boo” shirt with an orange and black cat scarf!

Auntie and Gio had lots of fun in preschool on Pajama Day!

The boys rocked their Halloween shirts…img_2542

…before Batman, and Superman showed up to the party!! Look at those MUSCLES!!!

And then Supergirl with a Pink Tutu arrived!! 😉 img_2546

We had SO much fun Trick or Treating!

And then at the end of the night Gio asked me if I could come trick or treating with him on the next Halloween and the Halloween after that, and my heart just melted. But of course Auntie will ALWAYS go Trick or Treating with my booboos!!!

Have a fabulous first day of November, loves!!! Xoxo ♥♥

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