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Being Thankful in November (Thinking Out Loud #22)

Hi friends! Happy Thursday!  Ugh, is this the longest week ever or what?!? I thought yesterday was Thursday and today was Friday….nooo such luck with that one though!

I am linking this post up with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party!!

Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg1. Since we are in November, and Thanksgiving is creeping up on us, let’s all be thankful!! There is so much to be thankful for, and this month I am going to keep track each day of what I am thankful for. I’ve done this for many years, and now that I am blogging I figured I would share it with all of you! I think it will really be fun, will you join me on it?! If you want to join in, all you have to do is keep track; write it down, or write it in your blog if you have one! I will share in each blog post what I am thankful for. We all have lots to be thankful for! (See mine for yesterday and today below) Let’s take time to appreciate it all and thank God for it all! 🙂

2. It is so cold. Like SO cold. It was like 40 degrees and windy when we were trick or treating, and my whole body was numb after running around from house to house with Gio for an hour. I think it literally took me the 2 hours after getting home to finally defrost.

3. ..on the plus side, I think it is going to be a bit warmer today and reach 68 degrees at some point..or so the weather people say..sometimes they don’t always get it right though, because right now it is a little rainy and chilly. Where are you, sun?! 

4. All of the kiddos had their winter jackets on yesterday to go outside on the playground, they always look so adorable in puffy jackets! I just couldn’t help but snap a picture of this cutie before going out 😉


5. I cherish these times that I am with him in school and get to bring him home, he is growing so fast!! img_2572

6. When I FaceTimed them last night, Gio said “Auntie where are you? Come over right now!!!!” Awww! My heart melts! I didn’t end up going over, it was so cold out and I didn’t want to leave my warm blanket on the couch..haha.

7. My Mama surprised me with a fantastic gift yesterday!!!! Are you ready?! The new Apple Watch!! AHHH!!! Thank you Mama!! You are the best ever!!!! I am obsessed! And I still have to learn how to use it, but right now I am just loving Minnie Mouse!! So cute!!!

8. This morning I did not want to get out of bed, but I pushed through and knew that once I worked out I would feel a little better. So, I ran 2.5 miles, and obviously didn’t regret it!

9. Yesterday I was thankful for having heat! It was so cold in the classroom, something I do not miss about being a teacher, so when I got home  I was very happy we have heat in our house! It is a glorious thing!

10. Today I am thankful for my husband. Seriously, he is the best. I am thankful for all he does for me, for making me laugh when I want to cry, for letting me be my crazy princess self, and for loving me no matter how sassy I may get 😉

What are you thankful for?!

Have a fabulous day!! Xoxo ♥♥


3 thoughts on “Being Thankful in November (Thinking Out Loud #22)

  1. I got a new Apple watch last week, too!! But my husband works for Apple though 😉 Enjoy it, I love the fact that I can swim with it. And yes, it is definitely the time to be thankful for what we all have and I will write about what I’m thankful for on one of the next Fridays in November. Your post was an inspiration, thanks!

    1. Yay for Apple Watches!! I love this thing! I love that they are waterproof!! Aw, glad you found my post as inspiration! It is always good to take a minute to realize what we can be thankful for! Xoxo

  2. Yes! What a good idea! I’ll definitely include things I’m grateful for in my posts leading up to Thanksgiving. Kids in puffy coats are the cutest. And yay for your new Apple Watch. What a sweet mama! Today I’m super thankful for a restful day, no rain, and FaceTiming my family, among so many other things.

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