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Take it from me…

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Ever have something go wrong and you think “well what the heckI should have thought of that before” or, “Yup, I knew that, but didn’t think of it”?! Well, take it from me...I’ve had PLENTY of those moments, especially in the past couple days. So, I am popping in quickly to share some things that I have learned, because maybe you could learn from my stupidity 😉

  • Don’t leave ALL your windows open in your house at night even when it was a humid 70 degrees during the day, the temperature outside will drop to 39 degrees at night (I kid you not) and you will wake up a frozen popsicle in your house, which will be 63 degrees. BRRR! Do not step on that hardwood floor with no socks! It’s as cold as ICE!
  • Make sure to check your substitute account online before going to bed to make sure you decline the jobs for the next day if you don’t want to work, they will call you starting at 5:20AM, and it will wake your ass up in the middle of your Disney dreams. (I usually sub at the preschool on Tuesday’s, but there is no school for them today, so no subbing for me today!)
  • Save yourself the agony, just don’t sell anything on eBay to sellers who could potentially be psychotic, stalker-ish, and a scam artist. But, Kayla, how in the world would you know if they are lunatics, you ask?! I have no idea. But I’ve got to find out, because I have had it with these crazy people buying my things off eBay. (Can you tell I’ve had a night of dealing with a crazy person?!?)
  • Oh, and if you do sell things on eBay, please please do yourself a favor and check in your account settings to make sure your buyers are NOT getting your personal information to contact you at, like your CELL PHONE NUMBER to harass you at night claiming the bag you sold them is not authentic and it is too large, when in fact you measured it out for this person and I do NOT own fake bags!
  • When you plan a date with your husband, make sure you check the weather before to make sure it will NOT be a rainstorm at the time you want to drive about 40 minutes away to see a movie in IMAX(Yeah, we didn’t end up going on our date yesterday, I wasn’t really feeling too great, and the fact that it was pitch dark out at 4pm and raining didn’t help much either.)
  • When you buy your adorable nephews a new toy, make sure you check to see if the batteries are not included, and make sure you check HOW MANY batteries the thing needs, because there is nothing sadder than two sweet boys who just got a new toy and cannot play with it properly because there are no batteries for it! (I ended up buying only 6 batteries for their bumper cars I bought my nephews, when in fact it needed 10!!)
  • When your anxiety is sky rocketing, make sure you watch funny videos on YouTube. If you don’t know where to start, you could always watch sweet Mila talk about her Halloween birthday expectations “This queen needs a king size”, or when Mila discovers the joys of football season “Boys planning a draft, it’s like their planning a wedding, it’s so sad….your team isn’t real, if you win, you’re still a loser” Oh, Mila, I love you!
  • When you ran 5.2 miles two days ago, and then ran & walked 5 miles yesterday, you probably want to take it a little easy today, and maybe you just stretch your legs out without running?! A 45 minute incline walk adjusting the speed and incline throughout the whole thing should do the trick! (And that’s what I did this morning, and since it never fails, I was still a sweaty mess afterwards!)
  • Always, always be thankful no matter what your current situation is. You are stressed, anxious, and borderline going a bit crazy? Mmhmmm I gotchu girlfrannnd! Get some Dunkin’ coffee and put on Live with Kelly & Ryan , that should do the trick!!

Today (day seven) I am thankful for being able to enjoy my delicious Dunkin’ coffee and watch Live with Kelly & Ryan before heading to work at the store!

 Have a beautiful day, loves!! Xoxo ♥♥

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