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Friday Favorites #7

Good morning loves! It’s finally Friday!!!! Just like last week, I think this week was extra long…or maybe it was Wednesday that was feeling long, Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and then I thought Thursday was Friday. But, I had to keep reminding myself that was not true. However, we made it!! It is almost the weekend and I am looking forward to a weekend of watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel 😉 What are you looking forward to this weekend? Do you have any fun plans?!

I’m popping in today for a short roundup of Friday Favorites!

  • Big, chunky, warm scarves

With the weather getting ICE cold, I love wearing scarves all winter long. They keep me warm and make me feel all cozy. I usually find good ones at Target!


Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers had this in her favorites last week! The Girl Before was a good one. It pulled me in right at the beginning and I had to know what was going to happen next. It was filled with twists and turns and was a definite page turner….and most definitely had me looking over my shoulder while reading on the treadmill to make sure no one was creeping up behind me. Haha! I finished it in a couple days!

  • Starting to house hunt! 


No, we won’t be making an appearance on House Hunters, only in my dreams… 😉

Really though, we are JUST starting to look. I am so excited, as we are going to look at a home today, but I don’t want to get my hopes up because we still are “only looking” right now. Just the thought of having our own house and having lots of space-space for Holidays to be hosted at our house, space for Gio & Enzo to come over and run around, space for a puppy (and a baby, someday..), space to decorate inside AND outside, space for that elliptical I’ve been dreaming of getting! It’s all exciting to think about!


Yessssss girl!!!! I am OBSESSED, as I always am with her music, but I am really loving this new Taylor!!! You go girl! This will most definitely be on replay, especially when running!! As well as Christmas music, of course

Today (day ten) I am thankful for my Tall Ugg Boots that keep my legs and feet warm!

Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you, Veterans, for your service!!  ♥

Have a wonderful weekend!! Xoxo

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