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Monday happenings & having the flu

Hello! Happy Tuesday!! I hope your week started in a great way!

Popping in today to share my Monday happenings!

I got my hair done

Michael and I went to look at a condo, and we realized that we are in no rush to move; whether it be a home or a condoimg_2659

It snowed

I watched the Hallmark Channel before bedCountdown_to_Christmas_Hallmark_Channel.jpg

And then, around 9:30 I started feeling terrible; my head hurt, my stomach hurt, my skin even hurt…EVERYTHING hurt!!411020I did not know what was going on, and figured I should check my temperature with the thermometer and take something before getting any worse. I had a 101.5 fever…OMG!!! I took Tylenol and tried to fall asleep, but kept tossing and turning all night long, switching between sweating awfully bad to shivering like I was in a freezer. It was not a fun night at all.

As for today, I was supposed to work at the school and the store, but I had to call out this morning and get some extra rest. I stayed in bed until around 9 and decided more Tylenol and a shower would probably make me feel better. I don’t really have an appetite but forced myself to eat an english muffin, and am drinking lots and lots of water. Michael and I are going to see a condo this afternoon, but other than that I am going to be glued to the couch watching Christmas movies (currently, watching The Santa Clause, one of my favorites!!)

Today (day fourteen) I am thankful for being able to stay home from work today due to this flu. I have the best boss ever…thanks Mama!!

Have a terrific day, loves!! Xoxo ♥♥

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