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Weekend Recap: the weekend we put up our Christmas tree

Woah woah woah! Long time no talk, huh? Sorry for neglecting this blog since last Thursday, but I just wasn’t feeling it. You know when you just need to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and try not to run away? Yeah, that’s how I felt last week. Between being sick and all the madness from house hunting/putting an offer on a townhouse/throwing the thought away…I kept telling my sweet husband I am sick of this world, I need Disney World. Sadly that did not work as I was hoping, but I do have a bunch to share with you!

First of all, can you believe Thanksgiving is THIS THURSDAY!?!?! Where has the year gone?! I feel like it was just summer! But anyways, let’s get into what I’ve been up to since I last posted…

Thursday since I was feeling a bit better, I went to work at the store after writing up that blog post about all of my favorite Christmas movies. My nail tech got me in for an appointment last minute so I headed to get my nails done, then for the rest of the day it was me, the couch, and Christmas movies. I had mentioned that Michael and I were ready to start looking at houses and possibly ready to buy our first home. We found a townhouse that we loved, and actually made an offer on. Unfortunately, the seller did not accept our offer since they were having an open house this Sunday and wanted to see what else they could get. (Which was stupid, because at the time we were willing to go up in our offer to full listing price. Dummies) We went to see a townhouse in the same complex to see if we liked it better, but that wasn’t the case. After going back and forth with our realtor, ourselves, and my parents….things didn’t seem right. Michael and I kept asking each other all night “what do we do?” And each time, our answer was always “I don’t know”, which unfortunately involved other factors as well. But, it seemed to the both of us that if we just didn’t do know what to do, then it wasn’t right. I strongly believe that when we do find the right house for us, we WILL know what to do, and we WILL have a great feeling about it. There is lots going on right now, and you know what? It just isn’t our time to find a house. We are perfectly fine where we are, I realized we just need to ORGANIZE and stop being messy slobs. Yes, I am talking to you my dear, sweet husband.

Friday I was feeling MUCH better, thankfully, because I had a doctors appointment with my new lady doctor. (Girls, you know what I mean by lady doctor). And can I be real for a second?! Those appointments scare the hell out of me, and I wish I could run for the hills (or better yet, Disney) instead of go to those appointments. But, I was a big girl and I did it! I actually had Michael come along with me, he waited in the waiting room however, but it was much more comforting to know that he was there too. Thanks babe! You’re the best! After my appointment, we went to breakfast at our favorite diner; Lou Roc’s Diner in Worcester!! Now, I must admit my huge blogger fail moment: once the food came, we ate it right away because we were SO HUNGRY and I forgot to snap a picture!! Boooooo!! I think that just means Michael needs to take me out to breakfast more often, am I right?!

However, the food was DELICIOUS as always. I pinky promise you all some pictures of our glorious breakfasts next time we go, PINKY!!! 😉 It was nice to spend the morning together, since we normally head our separate ways whether I’m heading to work, he’s just getting home from work, etc. Once we got back home, I went to work at the store until later that afternoon. When I got out of work, Michael and I went to Lowe’s to buy a new Christmas tree!! (Finally!!)

I was extremely excited, can you tell?! Haha. We ended up getting  this tree! We kept it boxed up until Sunday, but it was pretty hard to not try to put it up myself. Which, good thing I didn’t, because OMG is that tree heavy!! We caught up on How To Get Away With Murder once we got home. That show is so insane and totally had me bawling at the end scene….but I heard a baby cry!!

Day seventeen (Friday) I was thankful for having Michael with me at my doctors appointment!

Saturday I finally woke up feeling 100% better, and ready to get my workout on!! It was extremely difficult for me to NOT work out this whole week, let me tell you. Anyways, I hopped on my treadmill for a 35 minute incline walk. Apart of me really wanted to run, but honestly I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I do love a good incline walk! I had to work at the store, but luckily got out in the afternoon with plenty of time to pick up Gio and go to Target! Target had 25% off toys all day Saturday, so he got to pick out whatever he wanted from Auntie. I missed that sweet boy so so much!

We also bought all of the ingredients to make marshmallow snowmen, which I came up with in my head as we were on our way to Target. He was super excited to make them when we got back to his house. His new Flash action figures helped us make them, as did Enzo too!

We even made Minion snowmen!! I think it’s safe to say both Gio and Enzo ended up eating way more than we actually made, but hey! It was so much fun and they were happy!

♥♥I just love them so very much!

Once I got home, the rest of the night was spent watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, and I actually fell asleep a little after 9:00. Big partier over here!! Whoop whoop!

Day eighteen (Saturday) I was thankful for being able to spend time with my babies!!

Sunday morning started with a 45 minute incline walk/run on my treadmill, followed by 10 minutes of an ab workout. I know I always say it, but I love Sunday mornings so much. There’s just something about Sunday’s…maybe the fact that I have no appointments, no work, and I can just sip my delicious Dunkin’ coffee while watching the Hallmark Channel. Omg, speaking of, I got this AMAZING sweatshirt from TeeHippo (I actually saw a Facebook ad for it and bought it directly through that link), “All I want to do is bake christmas cookies, drink coffee, and watch the Hallmark Channel” ummm my life!!!

Once Michael woke up, it was time to put up our NEW TREE before he went to jujitsu. Now, let me tell you something…we have had the same tree since our first Christmas living together, and it was just small (and sad if you ask me), so this is a BIG upgrade for us!img_2712

He put on some Christmas carols on our TV, and I put on my Christmas ears 🙂

Of course, the afternoon consisted of me watching the Hallmark Channel and admiring our new Christmas tree 😉 When Michael got home from training, we went to get some new decorations for our tree! We went to Home Goods, which was too fun. You can’t take Michael anywhere without being a looney 😉

(Sad face only because he was pretending he wanted that big teddy bear, which was $100 and bigger than me!!) We also went to Target, and the grocery store after. When we got home we ate dinner and started to decorate the tree! It is so pretty all lit up at night! (We need to buy more red beads, silly me bought red and silver and it does not look good all mixed up haha) Oh, and bigger tree= WE NEED MORE ORNAMENTS!!img_2724-1
Day nineteen (Sunday) I was thankful for being able to put up our Christmas tree early this year!

This morning started with a 10 minute bodyweight workout, followed by a 35 minute run on my treadmill. I still have Taylor Swift’s new cd on repeat, ya’ll. I don’t think I will ever get sick of it 😉 Today is another weekend day for me, so that means I can do whatever without having to work, and bonus: I have no appointments either! I think we will get more decorations and ornaments for the tree today.

Today I am thankful for 87 cent medium coffees at Dunkin after the Patriots won yesterday! (Every morning, I get myself a large coffee and a medium coffee for Michael) Cheers to deals at Dunkin’!img_2725

Have a great day, friends!!! Xoxo ♥♥

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