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Chocolate pudding dessert “recipe”

Good morning! Happy Tuesday to you! I go back to work today, and like after any long amount of time off I am whining with dread. 

But, anyways, I am popping in today to share my all time easiest (and yummiest) no bake dessert “recipe” with you guys! Honestly, this dessert is so delicious and is great no matter what the occasion is. I bet you it will be gone within a day too. I made it twice in the last week…to bring over to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, and two days ago for the fun of it. It is just SO GOOD!

Are you ready for the easiest recipe of your life?

No Bake Chocolate Pudding Squares/Pie/Cake



  • 6 cups (snack packs) of Chocolate Pudding (or you can make your own, or take the easy way out like myself and buy already made Jell-O snack pack pudding cups)
  • Large Cool Whip (sometimes I use Lite if I am making it for Michael & I, but usually when I am making it for a party or something I use Original)
  • Graham Crackers (I use Nabisco Grahams, they are the best graham crackers in my opinion. But then again if I am making it for just Michael & I, I will use low fat honey graham crackers)
  • 8′ Square Cake Pan (I buy handi-foil ones, they come in three packs with lids at my local grocery store)img_2742


1. Line the bottom of the cake pan with graham crackers; place three whole crackers vertically next to one another, then place one whole cracker horizontally on the bottom, finish it off with half of a cracker to fill in the remaining space.

img_27432. Scoop out 2 1/2 pudding cups on top of the graham crackers (if you made your own and don’t have already made pre-packaged pudding, I would say about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of pudding). Smooth out the pudding so that it covers all of the bottom layer of graham crackers.img_2744

3. Scoop out 2 to 3 tbsp. (or more) of Cool Whip on top of the pudding layer, smoothing it out so that it covers all of the pudding. You can use more or less, depending on your love of Cool Whip. *HINT: I always like to use more pudding than Cool Whip because chocolate beats whipped cream any day*


4. Repeat step 1; place 3 whole graham crackers vertically on top of the whipped cream,  1 whole graham cracker on the bottom horizontally, and 1 half graham cracker next to the bottom one to fill in the space.img_2746

5. Repeat step 2; scoop out 2 1/2 pudding cups (or 1 to 1 1/2 cups of homemade pudding) on top of the graham cracker layer; smoothing it out so it covers all of the graham crackers.img_2747

6. Repeat step 3; scoop out 2 to 3 tbsp. (or more) of Cool Whip on top of the pudding layer; smoothing it out so it covers the pudding layer. Be careful, you want to smooth it out slowly and delicately, because you want the top layer to be white as snow.img_2745

7. Make graham cracker pieces; take one whole cracker, place inside of a Ziploc baggie, and SMASH into tiny, little pieces. I like this part, I take my anger out on these poor graham crackers.img_2748

8. Sprinkle those little graham cracker pieces on top of your squares/pie/cake (WHY does this have so many names options? Well, because in my house we call them “squares” but it is made in a cake pan, so you can certainly call it a cake. Also, it somewhat can be like a chocolate pudding pie, so you can call it that too!) img_2749

9. Let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours (or do like me, and let it sit overnight). I know I know, you have to be patient to eat this heavenly dessert…but I promise it is worth the wait because you want to let the graham crackers soften!

10. To serve: cut into squares, rectangles, or whatever…but if you are like my husband, just get a spoon and DIG IN!! 😉

Voila! Easy peasy, was I right?! I promise I will share some homemade recipes on the blog more often, since I do love to bake and cook…ones that I actually have a “real” recipe for.

Today, day twenty eight, I am thankful for heated seats in my car! It is in the 20’s today….brrr!!!!

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Chocolate pudding dessert “recipe”

  1. Oh yum. There’s something so nostalgic about graham crackers and cool whip to me. I bet this goes super fast at parties.
    And yay for heated seats in cars! Definitely a plus in cold weather…
    Hope your week is going well! <3

    1. Yes!! Graham crackers and cool whip= deliciousness!! It goes so fast girl!! I hope your week is going well too! ❤️❤️

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