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Gift Guide: Gifts for a Disney lovin’ girl!

Happy Wednesday! Hump dayyyy! I hope your week is going well!

Since it is Christmas shopping time, I figured I would make a couple gift guide posts for you all to inspire you; today’s will specifically be all about any Disney loving sister, friend, Mama, or any girl you’re giving gifts to….or better yet, gifts to TREAT YO SELF 😉 Now, if you are anything like me and love Disney, make sure you put these things on your Christmas list for your hubby/fiance/Santa/whoever is giving you gifts for Christmas!

Gift Guide for a Disney lover

Mickey Mouse Auto Emblem $9.95image_cdf36301.jpegI used to have this cute thing on every single car I had, but it sadly doesn’t fit on Ella (my new car)…she is a bit too curvacious for this…BUT I highly recommend it! It adds character to your car and showcases your love for Disney!

Sequined Minnie Mouse Holiday Ear Headband $24.99file_131fe22d.jpegEvery girl needs to have ears on a Disney trip, or if you are like me you can wear them when you decorate your Christmas tree 😉 These ears are so cute with the holiday colors and all of the sequins! Love!!

Storybook Keepsake Box with Photo Frame Cover $24.99

image_cafddcd6Store precious mementos of your Disney vacation in this keepsake box while displaying a favorite 5″ x 7″ or 4″ x 6″ photo!! We have one of these in our living room that displays one of our wedding photos and has all of our wedding cards inside!

Lumiere Light Up Figurine $55.00

image_9cf81450.jpegWhat’s better than having your own Lumiere that lights up in your house?! Ummm, I think nothing! They even used to give this to you to hold while you are being seated at Be Our Guest inside of the Magic Kingdom. It is just so cute!!

Cogsworth Clock from Beauty and the Beast $80.00

image_5b86dabd.jpegOkay, I lied….this might be a little better than the Lumiere, but close call! You definitely have to have Cogsworth in your home AND Lumiere! How could you have one without the other?! This Cogsworth clock is just too adorable! I want one!

Peter Pan Wristlet by Dooney and Bourke $98.0059fd69ea01817b0001a355d9-image_7c01d7bb.jpegThis is my FAVORITE wristlet that Dooney & Bourke has come out with; with a couple others coming in close, but this one is just calling my name. I love it so much!! With it’s classic Peter Pan quote and something I live by, it reminds you to “Never grow up!”

Cinderella Carriage Ring by Rebecca Hook $100.00file_3c412698This ring is EVERYTHING, and totally on my Christmas list this year!! (Take note, Michael!!) Who doesn’t want a sterling silver ring shaped like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage dazzling on her pretty finger?! I know I want one!!

Mickey Mouse Castle Necklace by Rebecca Hook $125.00

image_e1b47820.jpegThis necklace is amazing. I WANT THIS! (Hubby, take note of this also!) I am putting this on my Christmas list! I must sparkle and dazzle in this beautiful sterling silver necklace!

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Necklace by Rebecca Hook (Personalized) $135.00

file_ef98b87aThis necklace is just so cute! Personalize this sterling silver necklace with a special date or with you and your sweetie’s initials! The studded heart in the middle of Mickey and Minnie is so pretty!


Disney Sketch Crossbody Satchel by Dooney and Bourke $198.00image_797be8b5.jpegThis sketch Dooney and Bourke Satchel is absolutely beautiful and the print is classic Disney!! I have a bag in this print and it is my favorite ever! This will for sure excite any Disney lover!!

Today, (day twenty nine) I am thankful for having so many amazing memories from Disney. Disney is my happy place, and brings me so much joy!! What are you thankful for today?

Have a magical day, loves!! Xoxo ♥♥

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