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My week so far (Thinking Out Loud #25)

Good morning to you! Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well, we are one day closer to the weekend!!

I’m linking this post up with Amanda to join in her Thinking Out Loud Party to talk about all the random things I’ve been doing this week!


  • Isn’t it funny how whenever you have an extended amount of time off from work (like longer than a weekend) you just can’t get back into the groove no matter what?! Seriously, I am itching for the weekend so bad and it seems crazy to me that it was just last week that I had 5 days in a row off…seems like forever ago.
  • I got my nails done Monday morning, and I am obsessed with them! My nail lady always does such an amazing job, and I always feel like a million bucks whenever I walk outta that salon! 😉


  • I bought some new candles this week at Yankee Candle, and currently I am really diggin’ the Angel’s Wings candle. It smells legit heavenly!! I went back yesterday to try to buy more, but unfortunately they were out of stock and they even checked the manufacturer but they seemed to be out too. An employee didn’t really know which scent I was talking about until I told her exactly where it was, she said “it must have been placed there randomly, because we haven’t had that one in the store for a very long time.” Woah! It must have been an angel that placed it there for me or something. 😉 Since they didn’t have the angel’s wings candle, I got two small candles instead yesterday, since they were only $5 each!
  • I’ve been making lots of chocolate chip banana bread since I had a bunch of really ripe bananas on the counter. (And I still have more, must make all the banana bread!) I wish I could say that I baked some homemade bread, but I used a box mix…blogger fail, I know. Funny story: I had three plates with three pieces of banana bread in each; one for Michael, one for my sister, and one for my Mama. Well, I left my sister’s plate on the stove when I went to work the next day and came home on my lunch to find BANANA BREAD PIECES all over the stovetop but no banana bread!! Ahhh!! Michael the banana bread monster!! 😉 He said it was just too good he couldn’t resist! (And he thought it was for him). Haha!! Silly boy! I will be making more banana bread, and maybe this time I will make it homemade. img_2848-1
  • I finally went over to my sister’s house yesterday to play with my nephews!! They are just so sweet!! I haven’t been over since like Monday so it was definitely overdue!

Such cuties!!!!!!

  • Michael was working all day and night yesterday, which meant I was able to watch the Hallmark Channel once I got home from work. I almost had withdrawals from all of the Christmas movies since I hadn’t watched any on this channel since like Sunday! Crazy!!!! (Michael would rather not watch these cheesy movies and whenever I try to put it on he’s like “not again” hahaha.)
  • I’ve been doing a lot of incline walking workouts this week; it used to be my go to cardio for years, I just love changing the pace and incline throughout, it makes the time go by fast!
  • I’m subbing this morning and tomorrow morning at the preschool, but I think I am going to be done for a while. (Or forever? I don’t know) It’s very fun for me to be in my nephew Gio’s classroom but I have been getting placed in other classrooms, ones in which are more inclusion classrooms and to tell you the truth, that is just not my thing. I would rather have less stress in my life instead of more right now, so I came to the decision I am going to stop. Especially with the holidays and stuff, the store will be getting busy and I’d rather just have one thing on my plate right now! (And I’m sure my Mama would like that much better….hi Ma!! 😉  )
  • I can’t believe it is the LAST DAY of November!! Crazy how fast this month (and every month) went by!!! Did you keep track each day of what you were thankful for and take part in Being Thankful in November? I certainly have so much to be thankful for this month and always! On day thirty (today), I am thankful for my heating pad. What is a girl to do when it’s that time of the month and is in agonizing pain?!? Lay on the couch with the heating pad. See, it’s the little things in life that make it better…haha!

Have a great day, friends!! Xoxo ♥♥



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