Thankful in November

The End of Being Thankful in November

Heyyyy!!! Woah baby, I’m popping in twice in one day, it’s a Christmas miracle 😉 Lol! Ok, totally joking, but I definitely am comin’ at you with TWO posts in one day!! Since it is the last day in November and I’m wrapping up “Being Thankful in November”, I wanted to write a recap post to end it! Now, keep in mind that just because this month is over doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t take time each day to remember what you are thankful for! I am thankful everyday for everything and everyone God has blessed me with!


Ok, so without further or do…here is my list of everything I have been thankful for this month:

Day 1: Heat

Day 2: My husband

Day 3: My nephews

Day 4: Days when I can sleep in

Day 5: Having my husband home with me

Day 6: Days off from work

Day 7: Enjoying my DD coffee and watching Live with Kelly & Ryan

Day 8: Big, comfy sweatshirts form Victoria’s Secret

Day 9: All of our past and future Disney vacations

Day 10: Tall Ugg boots

Day 11: My family

Day 12: Surprise two dozen pink roses from my husband

Day 13: Getting my hair done

Day 14: Being able to stay home from work when sick

Day 15: Soup Secrets Noodle Soup

Day 16: All of my favorite Christmas movies

Day 17: Having Michael with me at my doctor’s appointment

Day 18: Spending time with my nephews

Day 19: Putting up our tree early this year

Day 20: 87 cent medium hot coffees from DD

Day 21: My treadmill at home

Day 22: YOU! Any and all of my readers

Day 23: Spending Thanksgiving with my family and Michael

Day 24: Black Friday sales

Day 25: Spending time shopping and watching a movie with my Mama

Day 26: A super long weekend

Day 27: Christmas music

Day 28: Heated seats in my car

Day 29: Having so many happy memories of past Disney trips

Day 30: Heating pad


Give thanks always!! Xoxo ♥♥


What are you thankful for??

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