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Thinking Out Loud after NYC! (#27)

Hey hey!! Long time no chat! I didn’t mean to abandon the blog since last Friday, since I did have a scheduled post that was supposed to hit the blog on Tuesday, but it looks like there was an error in that scheduling department…so I shall save that post for next week! 😉

I’m sure you are all eager to hear how our time in the big city went, and don’t worry we will get to that! It felt marvelous to step away from blogging, social media, and my laptop for these past couple of days! I’ll be sharing more details about our trip next week, but for now I wanted to pop in here to share some random stuff and link up with the fabulous Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party, because duhhhh it is Thursday!!!! Thinking-Out-Loud

The day before we left for NYC, a snow storm hit us that thankfully was over by Sunday morning, but mannnnn did it suck having to run last minute errands in the snow! img_2990As the snow came down all night, I was in a mess of letters and poster boards trying to come up with the perfect saying to put on my poster for Live with Kelly & Ryan. Somehow, after going over about 100 things, my Mom said something about my last picture with Kelly…and then it clicked inside my head! “All I want for Christmas is a picture with Kelly and Ryan”!!! BINGO!!!!!! img_2992My Sunday morning coffee was delicious, I savored every single sip. (Yes, they do have Dunkin’s in NYC, but do they taste as good as Dunkin’ here? No, my friend!! Just wait until you have the glorious DD coffee from MA, you won’t be sorry!img_2993By the time 3:00 on Sunday came around, we were ready to finally get to New York!img_2995The plane ride to NYC wasn’t so bad, despite the gusty winds it was a pretty good flight. (The whole 40 whopping minutes of it!)

But I was still a mess of a girl with Shellie Mayimg_3001

When we got to New York we headed to our hotel and knew we wanted to go explore and eat some FOOOOD!!!!!

All in all, our trip was great! We laughed, we ate, we froze, and I don’t think I stopped smiling until the very end….but we will get to that horror story at another time 😉 img_3370

Anyways, it feels SO GOOD to be back home. And, I don’t think I have ever said that after any trip we have taken. (Especially a Disney one) And my final thoughts of New York? The way to do it is a VERY quick trip (like 2 days) like we did last time. 

Have a FABULOUS day, lovelies!!! XOXO ♥

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