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A streak of bad luck..

Hellloooo!! Happy Friday to you!! I am very excited the weekend is here, I am looking forward to getting some Christmas shopping done and relaxing a bit! I know, last minute Lucy over here, huh?! Yup. I am usually the person saying “I am going to get my shopping done early this year” and then wait until the last second to go crazy and be under all the pressure in the world to get ALL THE GIFTS! Ahh!!! Do you have any fun weekend plans? Did you get your Christmas shopping done yet?

I kind of feel like this whole month has been going by super fast, like it is on fast fast forward or something. Do you feel the same? When we got back home on Wednesday it was officially the first day of our 12 days of Christmas, but we just started yesterday by doing both day one and day two. I can’t believe there is only now 10 more days until Christmas. It seems like it was just yesterday that my countdown said 50 days until Christmas. Time FLIES! Anyway, like I just said, our 12 days of Christmas countdown has officially kicked off with some fun! Michael surprised me with a super cute little elf dog, which I totally love and put on the tree! Today, for the third day of Christmas, we are to get THREE of the others favorite things. I cheated and went to the grocery store early this morning to get him his food for work, so technically I got him 5 of his favorite things: chicken, rice, broccoli, a green shake, and cantaloupe!

I am taking a break from Friday Favorites this week, because I feel like I need to let out a few things since I haven’t blogged all week. So, be ready for lots of words and no pictures. Hope that’s okay with you?! 😉

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had a million and one things to do. I couldn’t tell you all that was on my “things to do” list because simply all I had to do was laundry, go to work, grab a couple things at the grocery store, and thats about it. But for some reason I felt like I had SO much to do and I just couldn’t shake the feeling of being super anxious and feeling like I had to do EVERYTHING and anything. I don’t know how to really explain it well other than that is anxiety crashing down on me and causing me to be in a bad mood. So, anyways, I woke up yesterday at around 6:30 after sleeping lovely in our bed ready to get in a great sweat session since I haven’t worked out since Sunday. (We walked SO much in New York). I threw in a load of laundry since it was overflowing, and hopped on my treadmill for a 50 minute run/walk. It was great to get back on my treadmill, and I even started a new book. But then I looked around and realized our place is A MESS and I need to clean. I factored in the amount of time I had to take a shower, get ready, get a coffee, write up that TOL blog post, and eat breakfast before heading to work and realized I was limited and didn’t have enough time to do everything. Maybe that is what sparked my bad mood and anxious feeling? I couldn’t tell you. But I was not in that great of a mood yesterday, and as I was sitting at work dreaming of being anywhere but there, (like a BEACH), I tried to think of what was wrong. What is bothering me so much that is making me feel this way? Maybe the fact that I kind of feel like I am “stuck” once again and don’t really have anything that makes me jump out of bed in the morning? Maybe it is the fact that I just spent four whole days with Michael and now it is just going back to real life where we both have different work and life schedules? It’s always tough for me to get back into the swing of things whenever we go somewhere, but I don’t think it’s that really. I couldn’t wait to come home from New York because I simply had enough of the traffic, people, and craziness.

I guess this whole chain of bad moods stemmed from events that happened while I was in New York. I seem to have been in a whole lot of bad luck recently. I’m sure you’re thinking, oh c’mon Kayla, you are not serious, but let me explain. The day we left for NYC I went to see my hair dresser for a fresh blow out, which obviously had me feeling all fabulous until the next day (our first full day in NYC) a pigeon pooped on my head in Central Park, yes this happened to me. I never thought I would ever have to say that, but since such is my luck, of course that would happen to me right before going into The Plaza Hotel, right? But in the moment I did not let it get to me too much, I actually thought it was water dripping off the tree branches because that was happening all morning to us wherever we walked, but this one was hard and heavy on my head, and thank God I had my gloves on because I TOUCHED IT and apparently got it off my head. But I threw those suckers out right away, and thankfully since there is a food truck at every corner in the city, we bought a water and grabbed lots of napkins and dumped water on top of my head. So, here I am walking into The Plaza Hotel with half wet hair. Fabulous? No. But I still had fun even though it was a total HAIR EMERGENCY! After a little while I called blo, a blow dry bar on Amsterdam Ave right near our hotel and explained this “emergency” and went straight there for a (well, another) blowout. I had a fabulous time and must admit it felt great to be pampered again! Ok, so I bet you are all thinking that when this happens to you, it is supposedly good luck or something, but I beg to differ with you folks. I did not win a million dollars on the scratch ticket Michael bought me. (Obviously) We in fact DID find a COCKROACH in our room before checking out of our hotel, YUP. That happened. I am thankful, however, that it happened before we were checking out because I don’t know what we would have done, because I would have wanted to get a flight earlier and just come home. The thought of that IN OUR ROOM still freaks me out. So, I would say that is definitely another thing on my list that has happened within the past couple of days that isn’t so “lucky”. You want another? Ok, no problem. This morning I was standing at the counter in my kitchen on my laptop typing away and saw something in front of my face WITH LEGS. Yes, there was in fact a spider in front of my eyes, about to touch my nose. Seriously now? And to top it all off, my lovely Disbride Secret Pal that I had mentioned previously was supposed to get her last box (with my reveal!) on Monday since I shipped it out priority mail last Thursday, and it STILL has not reached her. There are NO updates on the package and I am getting worried. But of course this is my luck. So, I would indeed call this a chain of bad events, in my opinion. I hope this is the end of my bad luck streak. I am trying to think positively.

On the bright side, I woke up pretty early this morning and had PLENTY of time to workout, which was fabulous. I started with a 10 minute ab workout and then a 55 minute run/incline walk on my treadmill. I brought Gio to school and he was just SO cute!! We had lots of fun in the car laughing away, which totally made my day. So, I think this day I have to look on the bright side of things and find the good in everything from now on. I have had enough of this bad luck stuff, and I am ready to change it around!

Alrighty, well I think that is enough complaints, and randomness in one day, you feel me? I will be back next week with a weekend recap and lots of posts sharing all about our trip!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!! XOXO ♥♥

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