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Weekend Recap & Day One in NYC!

Good morning! Happy Monday! ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! Are you ready?!? I am super excited to celebrate my favorite holiday! If you are like me, maybe you got some Christmas shopping done this weekend like the rest of the world? (Seriously, I have never seen so many people out it’s crazy!!)

My weekend was filled with lots of workouts, lots of play time, and lots of Christmasy things! I watched a bunch of Christmas movies (thanks, Freeform, for being the best channel ever and play my top three favorite christmas movies on Saturday night!) I watched The Santa Clause, Elf, and The Grinch all in one night! SCORE! Luckily for Michael, he was working all weekend long so I have had the chance to watch as many Christmas movies as I wanted. Haha. img_3404

For the past three days I have been killin’ my workouts guys! The Princess 10K is almost 2 months away and while I haven’t really been focusing on any “training” exactly, I’ve ran a little over 5 miles every day this weekend! Well, technically I have been doing a mix of running and walking very very fast, but I’ll take it! I’ve been feeling pretty great about it! Besides that, I’ve had plenty of chances in the mornings to curl up on the couch with my comfy blankets, put on a Christmas movie (duh), and sip my DD coffee that I missed so much while in New York! img_3410

Of course, I’ve had a weekend filled with snuggles, playtime, laughter, and smiles with my nephews! I missed them even more than DD during our time in NYC, and it definitely feels great to be back home where I can see these babies every day! (Enzo wouldn’t take a picture with me, he kept saying “NO WAY!” Hahaha!)

I even got to go Christmas shopping with my sister yesterday! We hit up Target and Dick’s, where I got presents for my brother, my Dad, my brother in law, and gifts for the giving tree! Every year I like to pick off some tags from a giving tree and give gifts to the needy. However, this year I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a giving tree so easy, seeing how the past years I have been able to get tags from the schools I have been working in, etc. This year my husband’s gym had a tree and he grabbed two tags! Sweet man! I didn’t even have to remind him or say anything about it, he did it on his own. Giving gifts to those in need is something I love doing during the holidays!

My bad luck streak has seemed to subside. However, that package that was supposed to get to my Secret Pal last Monday is still stuck “in transit to destination” for 7 whole days now. Whomp whomp. USPS, you have failed me BIG TIME!!!!!!! 🙁

Anyways, let’s switch gears a little here and get right into our first day in NYC/the day we arrived (last Sunday).

Our flight was at 3:00 out of Boston to NYC, and seeing how it was only like a 40 minute flight (if that), we were in a cab by 4:30 ready to head to our hotel! We stayed at Hotel Beacon, once again, because we loved the location (away from the chaos) and it seemed clean (more on that one later..), and we didn’t want to chance it and stay in a hotel with bed bugs or cockroaches (more on that later too). Anyways, we checked into a one bedroom king bed suite, which was much more spacious than our other stay there. There was a separate living room/kitchen area, bathroom, and bedroom.

After we put our luggage in the room, we headed out! First things first, we were both super hungry and knew we wanted to go to Serendipity 3 again, of course!! We hopped in an Uber, put our name on the waiting list (2 hours long), and went to roam the streets of the big city!! We ended up on 5th ave, where I was running and skipping down the streets singing Christmas carols and in total glory. Michael thought I was hilarious and just kept laughing at me, but he loves me.

We stopped at Tiffany’s to take a picture, and sadly couldn’t go in because it was closed.

Went into Dylan’s Candy Bar before heading back to Serendipity. Look at that GIANT chocolate bunny!!!!!

When we were finally seated for dinner, the fun began!

I just LOVE it inside the restaurant, and even more for the holidays! So fun and festive!!!

I ordered the Fresh Fruit Salad (without cottage cheese), Michael ordered the Texas Style Chili, and the Cheddarburger. Yummy yummy!

For dessert, we opted out of getting the Frozen Hot Chocolate, and ordered the Fresh Fruit Sundae with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmmm!!!

We had such a great time at Serendipity 3! We will return! (If we ever go back to NYC…)

Since it was about 9ish when we finished up dinner, we decided to call it a night and Uber it back to our hotel. It was a great beginning to our getaway, for sure!!img_3058

Stay tuned for more!!

Have a fabulous day, my loves!!! XOXO ♥♥

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