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Day 2 in NYC!

Hey hey!! Good morning and happy Tuesday to you!! I hope your week started off fantastic..I still can’t believe Christmas Eve is Sunday!! Eeekkk!!

I had a great day yesterday, seeing as it was still my “weekend” from work, I had the day to do whatever! I got my hair done in the morning and was feeling prettttty fabulous…when I was done at the hair salon, I came home to a package from one of my darling Disbride sparkle sisters! She gifted me the Minnie Mouse Slippers from Disney which I have been obsessed with forever and haven’t been able to find anywhere! When I opened the box I admit I totally teared up a little, squeaked with excitement and hugged those babies so tight! They are the comfiest things in the world, and SO CUTE!!

Michael and I got some more Christmas shopping done yesterday and I think it is safe to say I have presents for everyone EXCEPT MY HUSBAND! Total wife failure on my part! I mean, I do have presents for him but I don’t have everything…hopefully I will finish my shopping tomorrow when he is working! I wrapped a bunch of presents also, but I am still waiting on a few to be delivered…and the way that USPS has been treating me lately, I have no expectations anymore. (Side note: my secret pal STILL did not get her package, wtf USPS!!!) 

This morning has started with a 60 minute treadmill workout that was a mix of sprinting and incline walking, which totally has me feelin’ like today will be the day of NO bad luck, you hear me? Not today, Satan! Not today! 

As promised, I am here to share all about our second day in NYC, which was last Monday! Find day one here!

We woke up and headed straight to Good Enough To Eat for breakfast. Now, if you remember, we ate breakfast here the last time we were in the city and since it was so amazingly delicious we decided to eat breakfast there every single day of our getaway! It was just too delicious to pass up!

I ordered a fruit bowl and wheat toast, Michael ordered two eggs, home fries, sausage and wheat toast. We also got a MASSIVE apple pancake to share. Yummmmm!

With full bellies, we were ready to begin our fun day ahead! We strolled through Central Park

And when we were making our way to The Plaza Hotel, as I mentioned before, a pigeon decided to poop onto of my head. Now now, let me explain something to you, before this poop incident happened, we were getting drops of water on top of our heads everywhere we walked from water falling off trees and buildings, but THIS drop was a heavy one. Michael even said “wow, that was a hard one”. Luckily, I had my gloves on and wiped my head with my hand only to see POOP on my glove. I threw those gloves away and quickly got a water from a food truck right next to us and asked for LOTS of napkins. I dumped water on my head and tried to dry it with the napkins as best I could. So, I did NOT look fabulous when I went into the Plaza Hotel, but that did not stop me one bit from being happy!

Once we were in the Plaza, we did some exploring and ended up in The Shops! We went into Eloise, because I am completely obsessed with that movie! It was super cute in there and made me wish that I could fit in those adorable clothes!

We stopped at the Home Alone 2 green screen photo booth and took some pictures with The Wet Bandits. It was so fun!!

And obviously, since it is Christmas time and all, you can’t go to The Plaza and NOT get a picture taken with Santa! SANTA! I KNOW HIM! I’m telling you, he was the real Santa, ya’ll!! I sat on his lap and told him I wanted a trip to Disney World for Christmas, and he told me that is probably going to come true because I am such a nice girl. See? I’m telling you, he really was Santa! Michael wasn’t thrilled, but in my opinion he looks more thrilled than me in our picture 😉 lol!!

After our visit with Santa and exploring The Plaza, we headed to 5th ave to go into Tiffany’s to pick out a Christmas present for me! I chose a necklace, one that I have always wanted. I am super excited to have a blue bag under the tree for me!!

We made our way into Trump Tower and explores a bit. Eventually, we went into Urban Outfitters where I found the softest, warmest, and cutest sparkly gloves for myself since mine were full of poop in a trash can. I was much warmer with gloves, let me tell you!img_3147

We headed back to our hotel and decided to eat at Viand Cafe, right next door for lunch. I ordered a salad and fruit, Michael ordered a chicken quesadilla and waffle fries. It was good, and it was exactly what we needed from walking so much!

In the middle of lunch, I realized that we had a pretty fun night planned and a SUPER fun morning the next day and I totally needed to have pretty hair. It was either having to wash my hair and try to do it myself (people, I am hair challenged, do you understand?), or find a blow dry bar somewhere near us. Luckily, I found out that there is a blow dry bar, blo, the next street over, so I called them and told them I had a HAIR EMERGENCY and needed to get in asap! They were fabulous and totally got me in within the next half hour, I got a fresh blow out and was feeling fabulous once again!

(These are not my photos, I got them from the blo website)

After that, we went straight to the hotel room to get ready for our night out! We had tickets to The Rockettes and I wanted to get there early to take pictures and get the whole experience! So, we headed to Radio City Music Hall!

The show was AMAZING. It has always been a dream of mine to see the show; I don’t think I stopped smiling during the whole entire show. Michael, on the other hand, didn’t stop snoring the whole entire show. Hahahaha. Poor man. I didn’t even tell him what to expect or anything, but he was a trooper!

After the show, we walked to the Rockefeller tree to see it’s amazingness in person! And OMG! It did NOT disappoint!! It was absolutely breathtaking. I was squeaking with excitement and in total awe of it. It is just stunning!

We even caught the AMAZING Saks 5th Avenue Once Upon a Holiday! OMG It was like being in Disney World!!img_3227

After the show, we got an Uber to Blondie’s Sports Bar. Now, we could have walked…but it was so cold and I was in tights and heels. No thanks! So, Uber it was! We ordered some food and watched the Pats game! We started with the veggie platter, Michael got some Chili, I then ordered a salad and he got some Scorchin’ wings…and he said they were SCORCHING hot! He was sweatin’ and regretting his decision to get them so hot. Haha 😉

Once we were done eating we decided to walk back to our hotel room because we had an early (and SUPER fun) morning ahead of us!!

Stay tuned for more!!!

Have a wonderful day, friends!! XOXO ♥♥

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