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Day Three in NYC & Package Disaster

Helloooo beautiful people!!! Only 5 more days until Christmas! Yippee!!!!

I am very happy it is a new day today, because yesterday was anything but stellar, let me tell you. I was on hold for over 1 hour with USPS even before getting to speak to someone about my secret pal package that was supposed to get to her last Monday, and after finally getting to speak to an employee he told me he put in an investigation and I would hear from someone within the next two to three days. Ok, right? Well NO! I checked the tracking later in the day again and it said ALERT in red, without any explanation just telling me to contact the 1-800 number again, so there I was, on hold for another hour and 5 minutes until I spoke to another employee who then had to speak to his supervisor about it because (and I quote his exact words) “well, this is quite odd, but I have never experienced this before, if you don’t mind I am going to put you on a brief hold while I speak to my supervisor about this.” Great. After another 15 minutes of being on hold, the man comes back to tell me THIS “I am very sorry to tell you this ma’am, but your package was in a truck that caught on fire on the 9th of December. All of the packages inside are diminished.” WTF!!!???!!!???!!??? So, as frantic as I was, I put together another box for my dear secret pal and am shipping it out today, express. This is terrible news, and even though I am devastated that my package is completely destroyed, I am glad that no mail carriers or employees were hurt, but what are the odds of that happening to MY PACKAGE!!?? You see here folks, you know how I said “not today, Satan” yesterday, well seriously…NOT TODAY, SATAN!!!

Alright, now that is out of my system, onto today’s post recapping our third day in NYC: The day we met Kelly and Ryan!!! 🙂 Find day one Here, and day two Here!

I woke up nice and early at the hour of 5 am to jump in the shower and get ready for the Live with Kelly and Ryan show!! We finally made our way over to Lincoln Square at around 6:00 and stood in line with my “all I want for Christmas is a picture with Kelly and Ryan” sign and lots of smiles. Unfortunately, we did not have priority tickets like we had last time, and even though I was super bummed about that, I still had high hopes that we would get into the show. img_3244-2

After about waiting for 20 minutes, a (super kind) mother and daughter asked us how many people were in our party, and offered their extra two PRIORITY tickets to us since their girlfriends couldn’t make it. OMG! How amazingly nice!! Because of this, we got to hop on over with them to the priority line, which meant we were most definitely going to get in and probably get a very good seat because we were about the 5th party in line! Woo hoo!!!img_3247Finally, around 7:30 we were able to head into the lobby and wait some more. (But we were out of the cold!) I bought some Live with Kelly and Ryan swag, took some pictures, and tried to contain my excitement!


Once 8:30 rolled around we got the go ahead and were seated in the studio, which we just so happened to be seated DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF WHERE KELLY AND RYAN SIT!!!



You don’t realize how small the studio is until you actually go there and experience it for yourself, because on tv it looks so much bigger than it is. Once Gelman came out and gave us all the instructions, we knew the show was about to start soon.


Then it was time for Kelly and Ryan to come out and I was jumping up and down with total excitement!!!!!


The show was amazing, I just love Kelly and Ryan so very much! You probably remember from the last time I went how much I am a Kelly Ripa fan! Matt Damon was a guest on the show that day, which was incredible!!


During the commercial breaks both Ryan and Kelly came out into the audience to talk with us, take pictures, and MAKE MY DAY!!!!!


(I hate, hate, hate those pictures of myself, but OMG KELLY!!)

When the show was over I was a little bummed that I didn’t get that picture with both Kelly and Ryan, but then they told us that they would be back in 10 minutes to tape some commercials and interview another actress for another show…my hope was not all lost!! I actually got my picture with both of them when the camera man struck up a conversation with us and asked us if I got my autographs or pictures yet, and I told him no. He actually brought them over to us and Michael asked for a picture (since I was apparently star struck haha) img_3327

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!

I don’t think I came down from my excitement until the afternoon. I was so happy!!img_3332

After the show we went to Good Enough To Eat again for breakfast, because I was certainly starving and so beyond thirsty. (Side note: if you go to a taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan, do yourself a favor and bring a water bottle! They don’t allow food or drinks in the studio, but they let you bring water, and I didn’t know that, I was SO thirsty)


We went back to our hotel room to rest up a bit before heading to Times Square to roam through some stores and pretend we were in my happy place for just a second. 😉



Eventually we found our way to Juniors for lunch. (They have this inside Foxwoods Casino, and we love it there so we thought it would be a good choice!) Unfortunately, I guess I was so sleepy from waking up at 5 that I forgot to take pictures of our food. But, it was delicious!!!


Later in the day we braved the cold (rain and snow too) and walked to Bryant Park from our hotel to see the gorgeous Christmas tree, visit the Christmas shops, listen to the Christmas songs, and check out the ice skating rink!



We ended the night getting dinner at Viand Cafe near our hotel since we were so tired from waking up so early! All that excitement wiped me right out!

Have a great day!! XOXO ♥♥

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