12 Dates In A Year Christmas Gift

Hey hey! Long time no chat, huh?! I know, I know, two posts in one day, I am on a roll here! 😉 Just kidding. But I am, indeed, comin’ at you with two posts today! Woo hoo!! Let’s all do a happy dance!! I wanted to pop in again to share a really awesome gift I gave Michael last year! Are you ready?!

12 Dates In A Year Christmas Gift

15747372_10154291719137831_8587701225466765387_n.jpgLast Christmas, I got Michael so many gifts but nothing that really meant a lot, and given as it was our first Christmas married, I knew I had to do something special! I looked online, asked around, and came up with the idea to gift him with 12 pre-planned dates for the upcoming year. Since work and life get in the way, sometimes we don’t get to have as many dates together as we would like to, but with this gift it has given us a chance to have just one date a month! I gifted him dates starting in January all the way through December, some dates could be in the comfort of our home and others involved us actually going somewhere. I wrote the dates on pre-cut pretty index card size paper (that I got at Michael’s Craft Store), and placed them in their own envelopes labeled with each corresponding month. It took some creativity to come up with fun things to do that we would both enjoy doing, and things that we would actually do. (Like, I know sky diving isn’t going to happen…well, Michael would go again but there is no way I would ever do that). I wrapped the envelopes up in a bow, and wrote him a letter explaining it all. I also made a customized calendar filled with wedding photos for the upcoming year to complete the gift.

Each month he was to grab the envelope for that month, open it together with the calendar in hand, pick a day in the month where we both had nothing going on to go on our date, and mark it! Some months we went on our date, but some months were just too busy and we didn’t actually do them so we just rolled it over into the next month (but still doing that month’s date, so two dates in one month). 

I was going to gift this to my husband again this year and come up with all new dates for the next year, but I decided against it. Only because it was such a struggle to get these dates done. This year, I am going to gift him 12 Dates, but in a totally different way. They will not be pre-planned like last year, they will be ideas as to what we could do every month. If we don’t get to it, that’s ok. I just didn’t like the fact that I had spent so much time putting together this amazing gift and then feeling like we sort of failed at it. I totally understand that life, and work got in the way of some of these dates, but I don’t want the pressure, or the letdown. The thing is, that 12 Days of Christmas we were doing didn’t happen either. We did great on the first and second day, but then never got around to the other ones because of crazy busy schedules, and I didn’t want to push Michael. SO, no pressure! This is such an amazing gift to give your husband, or just your boyfriend. Especially if you have children, or if you have crazy work/life schedules (like ours) that make seeing each other and going on dates less likely. So, if you gift this to your man, that is FANTASTIC and I have all the hope in the world that you and him will get these dates in! It is so fun!

See you later 😉 XOXO ♥♥

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