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Friday Favorites #10: Christmas Memories

HAPPY FRIDAY! I have been wanting to say that all week long, especially since I thought it was Friday yesterday. We made it to the end of the week, it’s almost christmas!!!

I guess it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas around here, guys…it’s snowing today, we are getting an ice storm tomorrow, and then it is supposed to snow on Christmas Day also. Luckily, I already ran to the grocery store this morning to get everything we need! I will probably only need to grab a fruit plate Sunday morning, but other than that I think we are good to go! (Yeah right, I literally go to the grocery store every single day)

In the spirit of Christmas, today’s Friday Favorites will be all about my favorite Christmas memories!!

Growing up, every Christmas Eve my Grammy and Grampy would host their big Christmas Eve party, which totally made it feel like Christmas. I would look forward to this every single year. It was my favorite part of Christmas! My parents would pack up the car with ALL the presents, buckle us in, and head out to their house…all while singing Christmas Carols. Once we would get there, the food would be spread out all over the table and the sweets would be on another table. There was SO MUCH food!!! My Grammy made everything homemade from pasta (cheese raviolis, OMG), sauce, meatballs, chicken noodle soup, salad, rice balls, garlic bread (OMG the garlic bread was to die for), and so much more. And don’t forget about all of the goodies, there was SO much goodies too…Italian cookies GALORE. I’m telling you, there was sooooo much food! My cousin and I would plop on the couch, and wait for our Grampy to come over to us and ask “you’s eat yet kids?” Every single year. I swear we just waited until he asked us this before we got our plate of food…and then he would say “put some cheese on that!” I miss my Grammy and Grampy so very much. After everyone ate, we would all pile in the living room to get ready to open presents. Their house was anything but big, and our family was anything but small!! I don’t know how we all fit in that house at once, but it was the best ever…and LOUD (as you can imagine…all of us Italians in one small house?!) All of us kiddos would sit on the floor and sing a few Christmas carols before getting our gifts, Grammy and Grampy would always be the last ones to hand out presents..which were always the BEST presents! Later in the evening, we would all make our way out to get ready to go to home so we could go to sleep so Santa could work his magic and bring us all presents.

Every Christmas Eve, my cousin and I would go upstairs in my Grammy and Grampy’s house once it got dark, look to the sky and SWEAR we saw Santa Claus and Rudolph. We would look hard for a bright blinking red light up in the sky (which was probably a plane) and claim it was Santa’s sleigh getting ready to deliver presents. I think one year one of our older cousin’s went outside with bells and was jingling them so we really got all giddy about seeing Santa!santa_sleigh222.jpgOne year, I was about 5, I really really just wanted a tea set. It was a certain tea set, and I guess I only informed Santa of this tea set that I wanted. I woke up Christmas morning to a living room FILLED with presents, now when I say filled, hunnie do I mean filled. My parents (and Santa) went above and beyond for us…we were very good children. 😉 I ripped open every single present but to my surprise there was NO tea set. I was devastated…my Mom still tells me about how all I wanted was a tea set that I only asked Santa for, but never said a peep about it to my parents. The day after Christmas, I was in my Dad’s car about to leave our house when he stopped the car, pointed to the yard near our chimney and said “Kay, what is that?!” It was a wrapped present near the chimney on the snow. I ran to the present, picked it up, and ran back to the car. My Dad said “It’s a present for you from Santa! It must have fell out of his bag when he went down the chimney!” I opened that present and do you know what it was? The tea set I had asked Santa for!!! This was the most perfect thing my parents could have done for me to keep my Santa belief alive, because I was a little sneaky. I looked around the snow to see if there were any foot prints other than mine to make sure it really was SANTA! I told my parents how it really was Santa and it really must have fell out of his big red bag! Of course, being at the age I was, I knew Santa wouldn’t let me down! Looking back at this memory just makes me appreciate my parents so much, I know I have the best parents that would do anything for us! They really went all out for us!!file_bc815432

(I love this Beauty and the Beast tea set SO much, I almost bought it for myself this year)

Christmas Day when I was growing up was spent with my Mom’s side of the family; my Memere, Pepere, cousin Lindsey, and my Aunt. I looked forward to this day (besides Christmas Eve) every year too, because I couldn’t wait to see my Memere. Once my Grammy passed away, my Grampy would come over the house to celebrate with us too! My Mom would make her sauce and meatballs, we would get food catered, and there would just be so much love in the room. No matter where it was, I think (if I remember right) it would always be at our house, but I think a couple years was at Memere and Pepere’s house. We would all eat, then open presents. It would always be a great day! Once my Grammy passed, we would celebrate Christmas Eve at my parent’s house with my Mom’s side of the family, and my Grampy would come too! I loved whenever he showed up, it always made it feel more like Christmas when I saw his face♥

Now, Christmas looks a little different to us. Since Grammy, Grampy, or Memere are no longer with us it hurts my heart a little bit each year when it gets closer to Christmas. It has been and will always be my favorite holiday, simply because of all of these memories I hold so dearly in my heart, and have two added cuties to our family who make Christmas SO much fun!

Christmas Eve is now the time when we celebrate with my family. It isn’t that big, but it is still filled with love and joy. My parents host Christmas Eve dinner at their house, where me, Michael (his first year in a while being able to join us!!), my brother Lukie, my sister Tiffany, her husband Anthony, and my two nephews Gio and Enzo. My Pepere comes, and so does my cousin Lindsey (Hi, Linz!), and her Mom Jackie. We don’t really do presents, other than for the boys, but we eat all the food and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas Day is way more laid back, I usually go to my parent’s house in the morning and then snuggle on the couch all day watching Christmas movies, and this year I get to be with Michael for it too!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and a very Merry Christmas!! ♥♥24293964_10155264820897831_2260211123037721900_n.jpg

What are your favorite Christmas memories and/or traditions that fill your heart with love?

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