Christmas 2017

Good morning!! Phew. Anyone else feeling a little bit cloudy from all the food, sugar, and excitement from Christmas?!? I meant to have this post ready for you all yesterday, but it just felt super fantastic to step away from the blog for another day. A little break from it all is good sometimes!

Our Christmas was filled with lots of family time, and love. ♥♥

Christmas Eve


(I loved this quote on Christmas Eve)

My parents were hosting our Christmas Eve celebration in the afternoon, but the day started pretty much like every other day around here! First up was a workout; I did a 60 minute treadmill workout that consisted of running 3.5 miles and incline walking the rest…all while listening to Christmas music, duhhh. Afterwards, I showered quickly and headed out to get a blow out from my hair dresser. You all know I am hair challenged, so I need all the help I can get…and a blow out on Christmas Eve sounded fantastic to me. 😉 The rest of the morning was spent baking and getting a fruit salad together in my famous Mickey Popcorn Bowl. I baked brownies and chocolate chip banana bread. I also had made my delicious pudding squares the day before, because you can’t have a holiday celebration without those babies!  

I also had a minor issue when I realized I RAN OUT OF TAPE mid-wrapping, so I had to run to CVS to get some tape, because I still had a couple presents to wrap. Talk about last minute, huh?! Once wrapping was all done, the tree looked pretty with presents underneath!img_3461A bit later, Michael woke up and we watched some Christmas movies before I opened one of my Christmas presents from him! It was a Tiffany’s Necklace that I picked out inside the Tiffany’s store in NYC!

I just love Tiffany blue bags and boxes!! 

Once we were ready, we were off to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve dinner!

The night was filled with lots of picture taking….


Lots of laughter…

Lots of presents…

Lots of playtime…

Lots of food…

And lots of love!! ♥♥

Michael and I came back home around 8ish, I got in my Christmas jammies and laid in bed watching more Christmas movies. Michael had to work, but only left around 10. It was SO GREAT getting to spend Christmas Eve with him, since past years he has always had to work doubles!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning I was up at the early hour of 4:55 with excitement like I was a 5 year old again. I just love Christmas…I think I will always wake up super early on Christmas morning like a child, always. Since I was wide awake I put Michael’s gift underneath the tree for him to see when he got home from work around 7:30ish. Got my workout on  while listening to Christmas music of course (20 minute bodyweight workout), baked Michael some delicious cinnamon rolls (one of our christmas morning traditions I started years back with him), and then got on the treadmill for a 60 minute run/incline walk.

I got Michael a new gym bag for training, lots of new underwear and socks, and some new training gear for jujitsu. I think I did pretty good this year, as I was trying to be sneaky and get him things without him knowing what he was getting! 😉

The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent in my Minnie slippers, watching Christmas movies, sipping on my DD coffee (yes, there was one open here because “Santa runs on Dunkin'”, and so does this girl!) and watching the SNOW fall outside. We most definitely had a white Christmas, but luckily it stopped around 12.

Once Michael was up we made a Chocolate Cookie House and watched some more Christmas movies together.

Around 4ish, we went over to my parent’s houseimg_3599

Where there was an appearance from Batman and Superman 😉

Once my sister, brother and law, and nephews came over Gio was lovin’ the outfits and had Batman and Superman fight like action figures. It was so cute. We stayed for a couple hours, then came home to relax on the couch and watch more Christmas movies.

It was a very Merry Christmas!!!

I am off work until tomorrow, Michael’s birthday is on Friday, my Mama’s birthday is on Saturday, and then it is New Years Eve!!! So many celebrations in one week, I love it!!!


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