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Thinking Out Loud #28

Hey hey!! Happy Thursday to you!! I am back to work today, but these days off has felt glorious and just what I needed. Actually, I’m only working today basically until next Wednesday, due to birthday festivities and New Years!! Yay for holidays!!!!

I’m linking this post up to join in on Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud party, per usual Thursday happenings around here to share all about what’s been going on around here this week!Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

  • I am really really not a fan of the cold weather. It is FREEZING out, like in the single digits guys. It literally hurts to be outside. According to The Weather Channel App, it feels like NEGATIVE 16 out. WHAT! That is totally not ok in my book…ever. I really wish we could get away to somewhere tropical during the winter months (especially January). Note to self: Book a trip for next January somewhere tropical!!
  • And since it is SO COLD outside, it sucks waking up in the morning when you are super warm and comfy in your bed and blankets. My body is saying “nooooo stay in bed with Shellie May and be comfy cozy, don’t wake up and workout” , but I totally woke up and worked out. This morning was a quick 10 minute ab workout, then a 50 minute incline walk on the treadmill. I knew I wouldn’t regret waking up after working out, but man…was it tempting to stay in bed!
  • 58 days until the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K… 58 DAYS!!!!! WTF! I mean, I haven’t really been “training” everyday like I had hoped I would, but I think since I have been running/walking on treadmill everyday I will be good…right? (Yikes)
  • I still can’t seem to shake the Christmas spirit. I mean, technically it is still December so it is acceptable for me to hold onto the Christmas magic as much as I can. Freeform was totally on my level on Tuesday since they were still airing Christmas movies, and The Hallmark Channel is still playing all of their awesome Christmas movies, so it really is acceptable for me to keep watching Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and The Holiday. Am I right? 😉 Oh, and I have absolutely NO plans to take down our Christmas tree anytime soon. Maybe after the new year? Maybe a little after that? Michael actually made a comment this morning when he got home from work about taking down the Christmas tree and saying “bye bye” to it…I totally gave him a glare. No way, sir!! Don’t take away my Christmas tree!!
  • I guess the ONLY good thing about Christmas being over is that I can officially start our Disney countdown since our countdown was for Christmas before. Now it is for DISNEY!!!! (56 days, by the way!!!) Happy dance!!!
  • I am soaking up these last few days until Michael’s schedule changes to day shift, which means I won’t be able to hangout with him at night and eat dinner with him all the time like usual. It will take some getting used to, but we are both going to have Monday’s off, and I think he will have Tuesday and Wednesday off that will be nice 🙂
  • We went to the jewelry store on Tuesday to get our rings cleaned, and we should have known NOT to go on a Tuesday because our jeweler has Tuesday’s off. Let’s just say our rings aren’t as sparkly as if he were there, and we didn’t get treated like royalty as if he were there.


  • Along with my Tiffany’s necklace, Michael also got me two pairs of earrings from Kate Spade. We bought one pair for my Mama and one pair for my sister for Christmas, and when we got both of them in I totally wanted them myself, so he bought them both for me too!! So sweet!


  • My parents bought me THE CUTEST wristlet from Disney for Christmas. Seriously, I am obsessed. It is a total “Kayla wristlet”!! Right?!


  • Alright, I will leave you with this cute picture of Enzo, who loves Elmo 😉


Have a fantastic day, lovelies!! Stay warm! XOXO ♥♥


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