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Last Weekend in 2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you all had a fantastic last weekend of 2017, I know I did!! I am a bit sleepy today since we stayed up way past our bedtime the past couple of days! Let’s just say, the first coffee of 2018 after getting in a 45 minute run was very much needed!! (And very delicious) img_3756


After I posted on Friday, I was one busy bee getting my hair done, working for a couple hours, packing our luggage (and then some extras, of course) and heading to Foxwoods to celebrate Michael’s 29th birthday!! Before heading out, I bought Michael a strawberry boston creme pie gold cake, lit his 2 and 9 candles, and sang happy birthday to him!! I knew I probably wouldn’t get the chance to do so at dinner, so I figured I would do it before we left!

There wasn’t that much traffic on our way to Foxwoods, so it took us about an hour and 40 minutes I would say. Once we got there we checked into our room at The Fox Tower. We originally had reservations for a room with two queen beds, but since it was only Michael and I we asked if we could get upgraded to a king bedroom….and we got it! It was a corner room so it was filled with LOTS of windows! (Which was kinda weird in the bathroom, but we kept the shades down, lol!)

Once we put our bags down, we headed to the outlets!! The Tanger Outlets are fairly new to Foxwoods, and definitely something we always check out whenever we are there. We bought some things at Under Armour and Kate Spade. We actually got both my Mama and Dad their birthday presents! SCORE! (My Mama’s birthday was on Saturday, and my Dad’s birthday is this Sunday! So many birthdays!!) After shopping, we stopped at the bar to get a drink before going back to our room to get ready for dinner. Cheers!

My dinner look was THIS black dress from Lulus, THESE lace tights from Express, and Karen Scott sparkly black booties from Macy’s I had bought about two years ago! I love this dress because it was comfortable and subtly sexy at the same time!

I even tried my take on false eyelashes…took me a couple tries, but I finally got it!

We made our way over to dinner, but walked around the casino for a little beforehand.

We had dinner reservations at David Burke Prime Steakhouse at 8pm, and once 7:30 rolled around I was huuuuungry!

Okay, so obviously this place isn’t really for a girl who doesn’t like meat or dairy…but I told our waitress that I was pretty picky beforehand and she said they could accommodate me. (Other than finding me a piece of regular bread…) 

We started with a glass of champagne to toast to his birthday, which was recommended by our waitress, that were each $40 by the way. Sneaky, sneaky waitress.

I ordered a wedge salad for my dinner, Michael ordered an 8 oz. filet mignon, and we ordered a bunch of sides: baked potato, grilled asparagus, and steamed green beans. We were also given one of their gigantic popovers…which is their version of “bread”. (No thanks, I don’t want that, give a girl some bread!! Totally not for me.)  

I told the hostess ahead of time that we were celebrating Michael’s birthday, so our waitress brought out a complimentary birthday dessert with a lit candle in it!! It was a chocolate cake/brownie type thing. Naturally, I sang happy birthday to him in the restaurant since the waiters did not….and because I was feeling a bit silly after having some drinks. He also ordered a cheesecake vanilla sundae that came with brûlée bananas and berries.

The check came with their complimentary cotton candy, which is given to everyone at the end of their meal. Looks like a unicorn!!!

Overall, it was a great dinner and we really enjoyed ourselves. We met up with one of Michael’s friend, Jake, afterwards who came out to Foxwoods. But by the time 10:30 rolled around, this grandma was ready for bed. (And the alcohol did NOT help, seeing as the only time I consume alcohol is during this time of year for his birthday and NYE…I was done.) We even bought tickets to Shrine ahead of time, and didn’t make it there. AND I had the BEST sexy dress for the club. Whomp whomp. Sorry boo! I promise we will go next time!! However, even though we weren’t at the club, we still didn’t go to sleep until past 1am. Hey, I am no grandma! I can hang! 😉


I was woken up at 7am by the blinding sunrise that was shining through our curtains, which I totally had to get up and snap pictures of because it was SO beautiful!

I fell back asleep for a couple hours (surprisingly) and woke up at 9, ready to shower and pack up our things to make our way home. But first, BREAKFAST! We went to Junior’s (which we had dined at in NYC) I love the atmosphere in there…totally cool!!

We got our usual breakfast foods; coffee, english muffin & fruit, eggs & home fries, and an everything bagel with cream cheese.

Deeeeeelicious!! After breakfast, we grabbed our bags out of our room and checked out. Like always, we enjoyed our stay at The Fox Tower!img_3712

We hit some traffic on the ride home, but made it back around 1pm just in time for me to head into work for an hour to help my Mama (who was the birthday girl!!) close up shop! Later in the day I went to the store with my sister, went to my parent’s house, and came back home to watch Hallmark movies with my blankets and tea. (Michael was working, so Christmas movies was totally acceptable.)


Once Sunday morning rolled around, I was so ready to workout. I got my booty on the treadmill for a 60 minute run/walk, and then hopped down on my yoga mat for some planks. It felt good to get my body moving since I took a day off from working out on Saturday!

I went to the grocery store with my Dad, then went over to my sister’s house to snuggle with my boos before coming back home. I whipped up some beef nachos for Michael later in the afternoon, and just hung around until about 8ish.

We had plans to go to my sister’s house for a low key New Years Eve with them…which was the most perfect way to celebrate in my book: in my jammies, snuggling my nephews, with Michael and my family. PERFECT!!!

We played, and watched Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve until the clock struck midnight and it was time for us to break out the Moet and CHEERS to the New Year!!!

Around 12:30, Michael and I came back home. We watched Impractical Jokers until 1:30 rolled around and we were both ready for bed!

It was THE BEST last weekend of 2017, and I am so looking forward to 2018!!

Have a great FIRST DAY of 2018, friends!!! I wish you a year of health, happiness, success, and love!! XOXO ♥♥

What did you do for the last weekend of 2017? Did you celebrate NYE in a big or low key way?! 

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