2018 New Years Resolutions

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday to you!! I hope your first week in 2018 is treating you well!

Let’s talk New Years Resolutions. Do you set any for yourself? I typically don’t set any resolutions for myself, but this year I want to make a change and set some! (What?! Me?! Make a change?! Gasp!) My husband can even attest to the fact that I don’t ever set new years resolutions, and I’m not really one to set a lot of “goals” for myself either. But, you can’t sit on your a** and expect things to change. We all know that to be true. If I want to live my life to the fullest and feel ALIVE everyday, I must do something about it!

So, here I am, setting New Years Resolutions for myself. I figured I would share with you all, my lovely readers, what these resolutions are for 2018!! I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!! img_3776

  • BE KIND!

Ok, so I know I am already very kind and a kind hearted person, but I don’t just mean this as “being kind” to others, what I mean by this is to be kind to MYSELF. To be quite honest, I am a bit harsh on myself, and on days where I feel like I didn’t really live up to my very high expectations I set on myself, I get inside my own head and feel terrible.


Obviously I already smile a lot, but I want to smile MORE!


This goes along with being kind to myself, as I want to love myself more. Of course, I do already love myself but I still look in the mirror on some days and pick apart everything that I see. I have lots of work to do! And, this year I want to love myself completely!!


If you know me, or if you have been reading my blog for a while (thank you!), you will know that I get SO excited about things, but I want to be excited about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Not just big things, but little things too!!


Ummm…what?!?! I am filled with fear and anxiety and I am SO not the type of person to actually want to do something that scares me, but let’s get real…I don’t really want to live my life with anxiety and fear. I have SO many fears that I will probably get the nerve to talk about on the blog at some point, but for now let’s just say I want to get over some of them.

  • LAUGH!

What I mean by this is to laugh every day…like really LAUGH. To not take life too seriously and laugh it off if something doesn’t go exactly as I expected. (Something my husband likes to remind me of, and I am taking his advice. Thanks boo!) 


You know that feeling of “what if…” when you don’t follow through with something or when you actually do follow through with something and it isn’t quite what you expected it to be? Well yeah, I want to get rid of that “what if” mentality and shake it off! No more regrets! I am going to live my life with as little regrets as possible!


You can’t expect to get anywhere in life if you are not doing something about it. You might have heard people set a new years resolution to “loose 10 pounds” or something along the lines, but they don’t actively pursue that…and you aren’t going to loose weight if you just keep not exercising and not eating healthy. Right? Just the same as, you aren’t going to change your life if you keep doing the same exact things.

  • BE HAPPY!!

I am a very happy person naturally, but I want to be 100% happy with my life. I want to get out of bed each morning and be HAPPY and GRATEFUL for the day ahead! This means NO MORE complaining about the cold weather and how I would rather live somewhere warm! 

Have a great day, lovelies!!! XOXO ♥♥

What are your New Years Resolutions? 

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