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Snow Day (Thinking Out Loud #29)

Good morning to you! Happy Thursday!! Can you believe it is almost Friday?! This week has been whizzing by super fast, which means it has been a pretty great week to start off 2018!!

Like usual, I’m linking this random post up with the fabulous Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party! Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

  • This week is all out of whack and I still feel like I am recovering from all of the holidays. Does anyone else feel the same?! We were off work for the New Year until yesterday, and once we opened up the store there was a strong exhaust smell inside so we closed up until mid afternoon…so it totally didn’t feel like a work day even though it was. Today we are closed due to the major amount of snow we are getting (umm, like 12 inches?!), so basically it is a 2 day work week this week. Hey, I’ll take it 😉img_3782
  • Speaking of this snow we are getting, it is NO joke. Apparently it is a BLIZZARD with high winds and heavy snow. YIKES! Michael got home from work at around 7:30 this morning and we barely had any snow on the ground, then I finished my workout around 8 to see there was already 1-2 inches of snow piling on the ground which made me get my butt into gear to shower real fast then head out for coffees before the roads get real bad! A girl’s gotta have her coffee no matter what the weather is!!img_3787
  • And, YES! We still have our Christmas tree up…I don’t care what the rest of the world says or does, I am keeping this baby up as long as I can. (Which will most likely be this weekend…)
  • Unfortunately, Michael has to work all day and night again today so it looks like it will be me, my blankets, and the TV all day since I will be snowed in. I’m sure there will be lots of FaceTime calls to my boos too!!img_3778They are such cuties!!!!
  • Since The Hallmark Channel is no longer airing Christmas movies (crying inside), I’ve had plenty of time to catch up on all of my favorite Bravo shows!! I’m talking about Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My thoughts? Jax is a complete a**hole, Siggy is a lunatic, and Lisa Rinna has got to go. I am so glad that I DVR these shows, especially RHOBH, because whenever Lisa Rinna hits the scene I fast forward that baby like there is no tomorrow. Honestly, I just can’t stand her and I know that is not very nice of me to say but I do believe the show would be 100% better if she were not on it 😉 just saying. rhonj-ter-buhbye.gif
  • We FINALLY booked our flights for our Disney trip next month! I don’t know what I was waiting for, but I finally did it. I always get anxiety when booking flights; since I hate flying it always makes me panic to press the ‘purchase tickets now’ button. Eeekk!!! We even got to use our JetBlue TrueBlue Points for the whole entire thing! (Well, besides taxes and extra leg room.) SCORE!!!
  • …and only 49 days until we leave!! I know I mentioned it before, but I am kind of nervous about the race. I guess this can go hand in hand with one of my resolutions to “do something that scares you“, because OF COURSE I am scared to run my first 10K. But it makes me feel a little bit better that I am running in my favorite place of all time…Disney World!!
  • I still need to get together a costume for the race!! I have a pink tutu, but that is pretty much it. I think I will do some shopping today online for the rest!
  • Alright, I am stopping here because I feel like that was enough randomness in one day for you all! 😉

Have a fantastic day!! XOXO ♥♥

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