A very cold weekend

Good morning! Happy Monday! Where did the weekend go? Is it just me or did this weekend FLY by?! Luckily for me, I am still “weekending” over here since mine didn’t officially start until Sunday, but still, I feel like it all went by a little too fast. Besides being a very fast one, I think it was the coldest weekend ever. We were in negative numbers everyday and the wind chill made it feel so much worse. Sadly, it is 24 degrees today and it feels like it’s “warm”. (Ew) I need really warm weather and the beach! 

Most of my weekend looked like this:

Bundled up, ready to brave the arctic tundra we live in. 

MAJOR sad faces, because I HATE THE COLD!

More sad faces at work because I couldn’t warm up, but then happy faces because it was Michael’s day & night off on Saturday before he officially started his new shift of 3-11 on Sunday. (BOOOOO) 

Family time to celebrate my parent’s birthdays (My dad’s was yesterday, and my mom’s was last Saturday)

Caught up on WAGS LA. (Which I didn’t know ever started and ended again, people!) I may or may not have binge watched the whole season… shhhhh!!! rs_500x281-160629104038-WAGS-202.gif

Drank LOTS of DD coffee to keep me going (PS I am very happy Kelly and Ryan are back LIVE today!!!) img_3819

Watched lots of cheesy romantic Hallmark Movies e6121acf8f43a180b76e993ccff18217.jpg.png

Ran a lot on my treadmill. Because the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K is 47 days away AHHHHH!!!!tenor.gif

What did you do this weekend?! 

Have a great Monday, loves!!! XOXO ♥♥

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