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Good morning! Happy Monday!!! By the time this post is published, we will be high in the sky on our way to see the Mouse! Since I had a pretty low key weekend, I had this post all ready to go for today so I wouldn’t leave you all hangin’ since Friday.best_day_ever_tangled_rapunzel.jpgIf you can’t tell, I am SO SO excited to get away to my favorite place with my favorite person!! This morning we were up super early, like 4am early, to catch our ride to the airport at 5:30am. Eeeekkkkk!!!!! As always, I am feeling very anxious about the flight, but I am being positive and trying not to work myself up about it and just breathe. I will just keep thinking of how excited I am to get to Disney and be with Michael!

Anyways, let’s recap the weekend, shall we?!

Friday was a good day; after hitting publish on that post, I felt much better about everything. It’s funny you know, it’s like if you write it (or type it), it just vanishes into thin air and your problems/stressors/anxiety just goes away for a little bit and you can breathe. I was feeling so awful and full of panic, that once I was vulnerable and honest about it in that post, I felt much better after. Anyways, it was a rather warm day (in the 60’s), rainy and gloomy. But hey, 60 degrees in January, I’ll take it rain or shine! Michael was working, so I was solo for the day. Luckily I had work until 4, so I kept busy until night time. After I got out of work, I ran some errands, picked up a salad for later on, and came home to clean a bit before plopping myself on the couch to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And umm…Dorit, girlllll I really want to like you, but you are making it so terribly hard especially after that episode! Spoiler alert: Dorit totally drinks too many shots at Kyle’s dinner party and is a loud, obnoxious, and rude lady. She was even told to “shhh” a number of times. Yikes. Once that episode was over, I put on the Hallmark Channel and found myself grinning from ear to ear at the cheesy love story…I fall for them every time. I just love the cheesy romance movies! I was up until about midnight since I couldn’t fall asleep…no granny around here anymore. Haha!!

Saturday morning I was pretty sleepy (from being up until midnight, duh), but still woke up around 6:30 and hopped on my treadmill for a 40 minute incline walk, followed by 10 minutes of a HIIT circuit. I had to work until mid-afternoon, then I went to the jewelry store so I could get my rings all sparkly clean and polished before going to Disney. My Dad actually came with me to the store because Michael was at the Patriots game with some friends, and it is a bit of a drive to the jewelers, so it was good to have some company! It took a couple hours, and by the time we were back in town, I picked up a salad for later and a few things at the grocery store (fruit, duh), it was already 5:30. The second I got home I changed into my jammies (do you do this too?! I do this every single time I get home), put my freezing cold feet in my Minnie slippers, threw in a load of laundry, then got all cuddly and cozy with my blankets on the couch while watching the Hallmark Channel. Our toilet decided to stop flushing around like 8:30, but luckily I have the best Dad in the world who is just a phone call away to come to my rescue. Lol. He fixed it for now, thank you Daddy! I watched a bit of the Patriots game, got bored with it (Pats won, duhhhhh), switched back to the Hallmark Channel, and fell asleep around 11. I know what you’re thinking, 11!?!?! That would be three nights of staying up way past my bedtime of 9:30/10pm. It’s probably due to some anxiety, and due to the excitement of going to Disney!!!

Sunday morning started with a 50 minute run on my treadmill, followed by 2 minutes of planks! Michael surprised me by waking up around 9ish to hang out with me to get ready for our getaway instead of going to jujitsu before work….yay!! I of course left all of the packing until Sunday, but since we are only going for a few short days I figured it wasn’t a big deal, and partially because I plan to buy a couple cute t-shirts and spirit jerseys while we are at the parks. 😉 We are only bringing each our carryon luggage, one large luggage, and each a ‘personal item’. Easy peasy! We went to the grocery store to get a bunch of snacks for traveling. Mhm, I am always that girl that always has food on her when traveling…hahaha. I may or may not have our whole snack cabinet in my luggage. Once Michael went to work, I went to the store to help my parent’s take down and put away all of the products because since we are closed this week we are getting a painter to come in and spruce the place up a bit! Later in the evening, I went over to my parent’s house because everyone was there. It was nice to hangout with them before leaving for a few days! I got home and gave myself a “pedicure” meaning: soaking my feet in hot water, scrubbing the grossness off as much as I could, lotioning them up, and making a mess by painting them red. I still need to get an actual pedicure, but this will have to do for now. Haha! I spent the rest of the night relaxing, and finally fell asleep around 11. (Yikes 4am came super fast!!)

I am SO thrilled to be stepping away from “real life” and going to Disney. I will be back to the blog world on Thursday!! Have a great week, and thanks for reading my blog! XOXO ❤️

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