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Thinking Out Loud #31: Thoughts while traveling to Disney World

Good morning! Happy Thursday to you!! I am writing this post up on my phone (sorry if this post is all types of ugly) on Wednesday night feeling a bit sad that we are already leaving tomorrow, but it’s been a wonderful getaway. I didn’t want to leave the blog post-less during the whole week, so as promised I am here! I’m linking this post up with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud Party!

I’m calling this one: Thoughts while traveling to Disney World on Monday.

  • After our very early wake up call of 4am, DD coffee was much appreciated at Logan!


  • Despite being tired, we were all smiles!!
  • It was snowing in Boston, and JetBlue had us in the airplane for two hours before taking off. It seems to me that this has happened a lot to us when flying. They had some issues with starting the engine so they had to hook up another machine in order to start the plane up. (Yikes) We then had to get our plane de-iced. By the time we were in the air, it was 9:45, no biggie but I was just ready to just be in Disney!
  • I wore these Sea Bands, after seeing them on Courtney’s blog, I bought myself a pair and tried them out!
  • The verdict? They worked!! I don’t know if it’s just all mental, but my stomach did not feel weird or upset at all during the whole flight! Which called for a happy pic with Shellie May!
  • I munched on some Cheerios mid flight
  • …and I watched Goodbye Christopher Robin, which ended way too early seeing as though we had a long time left in our flight.

  • We landed around 1:15, being a 3 and a half hour flight…oooph, it’s usually only the most 3 hours when traveling to Orlando, but it was a good flight regardless and I was feeling good.
  • Once we were out of the plane, I was super happy to be on land and in our rental car!
  • Checking into Wilderness Lodge was wonderful, and reminded us of Animal Kingdom Lodge, only closer to Magic Kingdom (Which is my favorite).
  • Once we checked in, we were ready for our vacation to begin!! Sorry for the super short post, but seeing as though my phone isn’t really ideal for typing up a post and keeps on messing up, I’m ending it here!
  • Stay tuned for all of the fun details to come… 🙂

Be back tomorrow!! Have a great day! Xoxo ❤️

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