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Thinking Out Loud #32: Let’s do some dreaming…

Good morning! Happy Thursday to you!! We are almost near the weekend!!!

Today I am linking my post up with the ever so fabulous Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party, because that is the norm around here and I am filled with random thoughts today! Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg


So, today I am dreaming of being in Florida, dreaming of eating a delicious fruit plate at the Grand Floridian Cafe, dreaming of staring out at a beautiful view of a blue sky, warm sunshine, palm trees, and flowers. Mmmmm…let’s just dream for one minute….

…alright, dream over. Back to reality:

Yeah, yeah, we will be back in Florida in 28 days (but I mean, who’s counting?!) but today with the wind chill it feels like 8, do you see that? EIGHT DEGREES. No no. Nope. No thank you. I will be bundled up like an eskimo. No shame. 1399652242310-39.gif

You know what makes my day no matter what the weather is? When I wake up to little love notes from my adorable husband. I mean, he just gets me. Don’t you love little surprise notes or things they leave you around the house? It’s just a little reminder of how awesome your man is…even when you do whine for hours before going to sleep for him to tickle your arm because you feel like crap. Sorry boo I love you 😉 giphy

By the way, is it possible for a cold to get WORSE instead of better? I mean, I guess that is possible, duh. But normally it gets better by now, not worse. Maybe my body was just trying it’s hardest to fight it like a ninja and now this cold has struck back with an evil vengeance? I say, NOT TODAY SATAN. Nope. Not today. I guess I will just be rockin’ this yucky nose and scratchy throat thing until it’s fully gone. And by rockin’ I mean drinking all of the tea, and taking all of the vitamin c.image1-26.jpeg

Something happened this morning that totally sucked (first world problems, big time….) well I guess it started happening slowly yesterday and I just ignored it like it was nothing. Case in point: my lovely piece of crap treadmill that was not supposed to be a piece of crap considering how much it was decided to laugh in my face and make me sweat even more. How does it do that, you ask? The fan BROKE. Yup. It broke. I went to go turn it on low once I was sweating glistening like a pig and it just made this awful noise like a garbage disposal….hmmmm I think that means I will be sweating my butt off until someone comes to my rescue from NordicTrack to fix it. Did you know that your eyelids can sweat? Yes. I am serious. It’s not pretty ya’ll. I guess it’s my own fault, I knew my fan was breaking yesterday because it was making some weirdo screeching noises whenever I was running real fast, but I just put it on high and ignored it. Today it just failed me right when I turned it on. Whomp whomp. However, I did run 3.5 miles, fan or no fan.sweating.png

Alright, I am ending it there, folks! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! ♥♥

Tell me: What are you dreaming of today?

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