Weekend Recap: Last weekend in January!

Hey hey!!I hope you all had a great weekend! Can you believe it was the last one in January?! It’s hard to believe that February first is on Thursday. Time goes by so fast!!!

Friday after work I came home to clean. I don’t know about you, but once I get in the mood to clean…I MUST! I got out the vacuum and cleaned every room in this place. Thank God for the Shark Rocket I can vacuum up dust on the ceilings too. (Gross.) I guess cleaning calms me down and eases my anxiety, which is why I usually clean ALL THE TIME. I put on some Disney music and just get into it. Anyways, after being a cleaning lady for an hour or so, I went to my sister’s house to play with my nephews. We ran laps around their house, which can totally get tiring but those boys can run and run and run!! After about 20 minutes of running and “chasing the bad guys” with our super hero capes on, Gio surprised me by saying “Auntie! I cannot run anymore! My legs are so tired” Haha! I just about died laughing. Kiddo, I hear ya! So we actually snuggled on the couch with a blanket and Pluto! Gio was super silly. And of course, Enzo kept saying “No!!” when I wanted to take a picture of him. Typical.

Once I got home I happily caught up on my favorite Bravo shows. Is it just me or is Siggy getting MORE CRAZY as the episodes keep coming? I mean I literally wanted to throw my remote control at the tv when she was screaming at the top of her lungs. How old are you again? And you give relationship advice? Yikes. I am glad she is leaving the show.

Saturday started with a 20 minute circuit workout looking a lot like the one I normally do when I need to get myself moving; 50 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 30 crunches, 20 push ups, 10 burpees, 60 second plank…repeating that 3 times through! Next up was a 3.5 mile run. I still was feeling pretty yucky from whatever I was fighting (a cold? I don’t even know) but it felt good to get in a great workout!

I worked for the rest of the day until mid afternoon playing with makeup and hanging with my Mama. I hit up Starbucks for some green tea once I left the store. And to tell you the truth, I waited in their drive thru line for a half hour to get this. Why didn’t I just go in, you ask? Well because the place inside looked even busier than outside and I just didn’t want to get out of the car. Ha! img_4373

I sucked that baby down on the drive home (which is about 4 minutes, if that) and was DONE when I walked through the door. Damn you, ice!!!! I feel like whenever I say “light ice” to them they never put enough so it is warm, which is disgusting, so I usually just don’t even bother with saying that, but JEEZE this whole thing was ice! You can’t win ’em all, right? I pretty much did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Super fun 😉

Sunday I was feeling all types of sore and reeeeeally didn’t want to get up and workout. But, I knew I would feel better afterwards so I decided to stay in bed a little longer than usual and if I still felt like this when I got up, I wouldn’t workout. I eventually crawled out of bed and hopped on my treadmill for an easy 30 minute incline walk because I reminded myself that any workout is better than no workout. I probably could have used a rest day, but we all know those don’t really go well with me…more on that later. Anyways, I got my DD coffee and put on Joel Osteen. img_4381

Guys, I am OBSESSED with the Best Day Ever candle from Walter & Rosie Candle Co. Well to be honest, I am obsessed with all of their candles, but this one smells SO GOOD I want to burn it all day every day, but I don’t want it to burn out! Their website describes it as: “Smells like the best day ever! Cotton candy and orange combined with licorice blossom and red fruits. All on top of a vanilla cream base.” Ummm YES!!!!! If you haven’t tried any of their magical candles before, please do yourself a favor and get on their website and order ALL THE CANDLES including this one. 😉

In normal Sunday fashion, I went to the grocery store with my Daddyo, then went over to my sister’s house to spoil my boos with some pink frosted sugar cookies, and snuggles. Because let’s be real, Sunday’s are for snuggling! (and cookies)

Once Michael called me to let me know he was awake, I came home to hangout with him before he went to work. We watched the latest episode of How To Get Away With Murder. I must say, I was totally bored with this past week’s episode, but then it got me (like always) towards the end! It always leaves me in suspense and wanting to watch the next episode right away!

Later in the day, I hit up my most favorite tanning salon around. It just always makes me feel better. I got a text from my brother in law asking if I could help out with the boys while they set up their new condo. Of course I raced over there to play with those babies! After chasing Enzo up and down the stairs a million times, we played on their Up & Down Coaster toy (omg, this is the greatest thing ever, I may or may not have a video of myself on it. HAHA! SO FUN!) for a while. Gio and I played Legos, and sang some preschool songs. I also made up my own version of those songs and he got a kick out of it. I had so much fun…maybe even more fun than them. Shhh 😉

I swung by my parent’s house to see them (since I can’t go a day without seeing my Mama, duhhhh! HI MA!), then eventually came back home to clean. Yup, I clean a lot. I eventually settled in and watched the last few episodes of WAGS LA that I haven’t watched On Demand. I am obsessed with that show!

Today started with a 20 minute ab workout, then a 40 minute run/walk. It actually felt like a speedy fast treadmill workout because I did 5 minutes of running, 5 minutes of jogging on an incline, repeating that 5 times through and then finishing it off with 20 minutes of incline walking. I am really itching to buy an elliptical. I really really need to get on that!!!

I am picking Gio up from school in a little while, and Michael and I have a date day since he is off from work today! YAY!

Have a fabulous day, friends! XOXO ♥♥

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