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I love Monday’s!

Hi! Good morning! I hope you are all having a great week so far!

Today was a struggle to get up, I must say. You know how I workout everyday? Well I’m human. I don’t wake up every single day beaming with excitement to workout…well, I guess I do most of the time, but not every day. Some days I just need an extra push to get my butt moving. And boy, was I kinda lacking in motivation this morning, but I didn’t let that stop me. I may or may not have been huffing and puffing like a child walking into my little workout room I have, but once I laid out my yoga mat to do some arm and ab work for 25 minutes, I sort of snapped out of it. But even after that, I glared at my treadmill like it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen, because honestly I did not want to get on that thing. It totally didn’t help that my wicked old Kindle has completely died. I don’t know what happened to it but while I was reading a not so stellar book on Saturday, the screen went completely blank…mid-sentence. Hilarious. Now when I try to turn it on it doesn’t even do anything, so I just have it plugged in to charge. I have no expectations of it coming back to life, so I guess I am in need of a new one. Luckily, I remembered that I can read my Kindle books on my iPad once I went to start up the treadmill (I ran 2.5 miles today, and yes…I still sweat like a pig with this whole no fan thing going on). To my surprise, Jojo Moyes’ new book Still Me  that I pre-ordered has been released today and I am SO EXCITED to get lost in Louisa Clark’s life again!

Anyways, let’s back up to yesterday! It was a good day; I got to spend time with my nephews and my husband! Michael’s new work schedule has taken some getting used to, but it makes Monday’s the day that I look forward to because it’s when we are both off from work! This is why I love Monday’s so much!

I picked up Gio from school, got the boys some lunch, and got to run around with them. I got Enzo to say “love you” THREE TIMES as I was leaving. Oh my goodness. Those boys are just such sweeties and my heart explodes when they are so lovey!!!

Do you know what the greatest feeling is? All you Mama’s out there, I am sure you know this feeling. Having Gio (or your babe) run up to you when he sees you at school like it is the best part of his day. Oh my goodness, my heart melted into mush. He was the happiest boy ever and I just couldn’t get enough. Our talk in the car on the way home involved him being STUNNED by seeing a house with “no upstairs”. (I am still wondering which house he spotted that was one level, but either way, he was so curious). He couldn’t understand where they slept if they had no upstairs, because “the upstairs is warm Auntie, and if they don’t sleep upstairs it is going to be cold for them. Do they sleep in the clouds?” I explained to him that there are a lot of houses (or apartments, like where me and Uncle Michael live) that is only one floor, where there is a living room AND a bedroom all on the same floor. I also explained that he is so right, heat rises (so smart), but it can still be warm on the first floor where your kitchen and living room is! Oh, my heart.

Michael & I were going to go to the movies, but decided to just hangout at home instead and catch up on a couple of our shows we had on DVR. (They keep piling up!) We went to Target for a few things…

And got Starbucks on the way out…

And honestly, we just relaxed and spent some quality time together for the rest of the night. I love Monday’s!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday!! XOXO ♥♥

8 thoughts on “I love Monday’s!

  1. Freaking love your love of Starbucks! But have to ask do you drink their coffee or do you just get coffee at dunkin donuts? I don’t like dunkin’s syrups and I need my sugar free vanilla in my coffee. Its a problem, i know! 😉
    Happy Sunday!

    1. I only get tea at Starbucks. I am a complete Dunkin’ lover for coffee, I can’t drink Starbucks coffee..I find it is too strong and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But, when I get Dunkin’ everyday I take my coffee black and usually add a bit of Torani sugar free classic hazelnut syrup to it once I get home! I can’t stand Dunkin’ syrups either, they seem “fake” to me, but I think they also offer a sugar free syrup option too! I saw that on the menu this morning actually when I pulled up to the drive-thru to order! 😉 Hope you had a great weekend!

      1. I guess we all have our own personal taste preferences. 😉 I may have to try dunkin donuts coffee on friday morning because my friend and I are driving to chicago midway to fly to florida at 7am and the starbucks I would go to generally won’t be open when we head out so I’ll need coffee and the dunkin donuts off the highway will be open. Do you have any special order at Dunkin besides black coffee??

      2. How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time, and find some good coffee on the way!! I don’t have any special order at Dunkin’ besides my coffee 😉 Safe travels!

      3. Found a starbucks down the road from our hotel. I even got a chance to hit up a Starbucks at Disney Springs before we headed to the airport yesterday! I might have to hit you up for recommendations for Disney. My parents and I are going to take my 5 year old niece either the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

      4. Yay for Starbucks in Disney! (Everything always tastes better in Disney) I will definitely give you recommendations! I love talking Disney, as you can tell lol! If you need help booking, I can help you with that also! You can email me at my work email 😊❤️

      5. Oh that’s awesome. I have been trying to decipher through the process of planning a disney vacation without busting the budget (not that we want to stay off property). Hope that it’s all possible but from my short time at Disney Springs things seem to be VERY expensive.

      6. Disney Springs has hotels around that area that I am able to book and are more budget friendly, also the Disney value resorts (like All Star Sports) is very reasonably priced!! 🙂

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