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Morning coffee with a smiley face

Hi! Happy Tuesday! How are you doing today? How was your Monday?

I totally feel like yesterday was non existent; it went by SO incredibly fast. Where did my weekend go? As mentioned, yesterday was a day of beauty. I got my nails done and got eyelash extensions.

Being the 27 year old baby that I am, I was pretty nervous of getting lash extensions. I cannot tell you why, but I was. Luckily my amazing nail technician is licensed for ALL THINGS, so I trusted her to make me look all beautiful and glamourous. It was absolutely hilarious (thinking back on it now) because I seriously was so scared. I guess it was just the fear of not knowing what was going to happen. All that really sucked about it was that tape (which wasn’t really “tape” like I was thinking..I think it’s like medical tape or something?) under my eyes during the process, and having my eyelashes accidentally being glued together. Yikes! The end result was worth it though, and I have an appointment again in 2 weeks right before our Disney it wasn’t that bad haha!

I changed my nails up a bit; I had always had a “flare” shape with pink and whites..forever. I was actually sick of them and wanted a change…me wanting a change? What?! BOOM! Ombre coffin shaped nails. OBSESSED!

They are sparkly, and fabulous.

After being beautified for 3 hours, I felt like a new lady (and a ravenous monster, having been there from 11:45-almost 3, I needed some lunch)!! I came home, ate a ginormous salad, got some work done, and hung out with Michael! 🙂 img_4453

I totally felt like the whole entire day was gone in a flash; before I knew it, it was 6pm and time for dinner! We caught up on some of our DVR’d shows… How To Get Away With Murder (OMG), and 9-1-1.

This morning started with a 3 mile run, followed by a 1 mile walk on my treadmill. Remember when I told you all that my fan broke? Well it’s still very well broken, but they sent me a huge box with the “parts”, so I have to remember to give them a call back today to set up an appointment to get that baby fixed!! And, I don’t have to worry about my broken Kindle after today, I got a new one off Amazon and it is supposedly being delivered today! YAY!! Now I just need to find another book to start…any suggestions?

You know it will be a good day when your Dunkin’ coffee has a smiley on it, and you get to watch Kelly and Ryan live from the Bahamas before work! (Ok, I lied, I am not happy to watch them in the Bahamas, I am super jealous because it is snowing here right now..hahaha) img_4459

Have a terrific Tuesday!! XOXO ♥♥

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