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Friday Thoughts…with a headache

Happy FRIDAYYYYY! Woo hoo! We made it to the end of another week! Have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m looking forward to my wild Friday night of being in bed at 9. HA! Livin’ the life over here. 😉

I’m taking a break from my usual ‘Friday Favorites’ posts, simply because I don’t really have many favorites this week. So, instead, you get some more random thoughts on a Friday!

You know those mornings you wake up to a pounding headache and you just don’t want to move, but you want to get up because maybe, just maybe your head would feel better once you get out of bed? UGH. (Raises hand) Yup, that was me this morning. And no, this pounding headache did not go away even after taking some pain reliever.

This headache made it very difficult to run this morning. It felt like my head was a million pounds and was pounding up and down while trying to run, so I decided to just mix in walking and running and see how long I could go and call it a day. To my surprise, I did 3.5 miles. I’ll take it!

I’m hoping this DD coffee will do its magical powers and make my headache go away or something.img_4488

Side note, I am sad Live with Kelly and Ryan are in the studio today and not showing us the beautiful Bahamas. I really need me some Bahamas. I mean, we all know this is a previously recorded show and we all know they are still loving life in the warm sunshine. C’mon!!! I want to see palm trees, light blue ocean water, and sunshine!! Gimmeeeee!!!!giphy.gif

Soooo get this, Michael went to the grocery store yesterday to get stuff before he went to work, asked if I needed anything and of course I said “fruit salad please!” he then says to me “they don’t have any fruit”. Umm, ok! No problem! I thought he meant that they didn’t have any fresh cut fruit salad, because sometimes they don’t. No biggie. But what really happened? There was literally NO fruit or anything in the produce section besides a lousy cup (and yes, I mean 1 cup) of cut pineapple. WHAT! How is a girl to eat when they don’t have ANY produce?!?! Now, luckily we have many grocery stores around here so obviously I can (and I did) go somewhere else but that is not the point. The point is that this grocery store did not have ANY produce, people.

I have finished Between Me and You, and now I am in need of another book to read! Amazon so nicely keeps showing me books that I may like, and I get all excited because they sound real good and then I go to buy it and it isn’t even available only for pre-order…I really hate when they trick me like that! It’s like “Kayla, you will like this book that is coming out in 2019.” Ummm….tenor.gif

Have a great weekend! XOXO ♥♥

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