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Thinking Out Loud #35 My Valentine’s Day

Good morning!! Happy Thursday!! Almost the weekend, woooooo hoo!!!!

I’m linking this post up with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud partttayyyy!!Thinking-Out-Loud.jpgI must begin by saying that my prayers are with all of those affected in the Parkland, Florida shooting. It completely breaks my heart and turns my stomach. I was watching the news and reading the articles with tears in my eyes. I cannot believe what is going on in this world. Especially on a day that was supposed to be surrounded with love, it is just SO sad. 🙁

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love!! My Valentine’s Day was pretty low key.

After eating all of that yumminess on Date Night, I was more than ready for a workout to kick off love day! First up was a 30 minute whole body circuit then a 45 minute run/walk on the treadmill.

I got a surprise at work from my sweet husband…beautiful flowers!!

It definitely felt like Valentine’s Day after that! I felt very special 😉

I went to see my booboos to give them their presents and spoil them with hugs and kisses. They are still stuffy and coughing, but got some antibiotics yesterday. Thank the Lord! They were definitely all perky and crazy when I was over though…eating all the chocolate they could find! Chocolate wasted babies!! Oh I just love my little boos!!img_4567After that, I went to the grocery store for a couple things since I realized when I went home for lunch I didn’t even have lettuce for a salad. OMG! Can you imagine the horror?! I don’t even know how that happened…I kept telling myself that I needed to go to the grocery store, but I guess I thought that I could put it off. Haha. No Kayla, no such luck! In my carriage was a pineapple, watermelon half, bag of red grapes, iceberg lettuce X2, organic broccoli, bananas, apples (hidden under the broccoli), Fiber One 100 calorie english muffins, Joseph’s mini pitas, Joseph’s wraps, rice cakes, and Tide detergentimg_4568Once I got home it was around 6:30 and I was just ready to plop myself on the couch and be completely covered with my 2 blankets. I had some work to do, and didn’t really stop until about 8:30 when I saw The Holiday was on Lifetime, which obviously made me wicked excited even though I have seen it over 500 times. I finished up my work, put my laptop away, and watched the movie before bed.

This morning started with a 3.5 mile incline walk followed by some planks. I (once again) feel like my nose is getting stuffy, throat is like scratchy, and my stomach is hurting. NO THANK YOU. Because of this I slept pretty crappy, but it’s okay…it’s almost the weekend and I will survive. 😉

Today marks ONE WEEK until we go to Disney!! Holy moly I feel like I have so much to do guys. The weather forecast is looking pretty great; high 70’s to mid-80’s which means I definitely have to go buy some new bathing suits because I am hoping to get a couple days at the pool!

Have a great day!! XOXO ♥♥

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