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Weekend Recap: The weekend of missing pictures

Good morning to you! I hope you had a great weekend, and if you are off today too because of President’s Day….I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!! I didn’t get a chance to have a “long weekend” because my weekend’s are Sunday/Monday, but that’s okay because WE GO TO DISNEY ON THURSDAY….eeeeeekkkkk!!!!

I had high hopes that I would get a bunch of stuff for our trip, but I failed in doing that. I still need to get some new sneakers for the race because mine are falling apart. I am kicking myself though because I didn’t want to wait until the last second to get new sneakers because I have to break them in before the 10K. I think I will be okay though just as long as I get them today and break them in tomorrow and Wednesday!!

Let’s back up to Friday…seeing as I abandoned you all since last Thursday (oops), we have some catching up to do. Nothin’ great has been going on over here and this past weekend was apparently the weekend of missing pictures…because I simply did not take a lot of pictures at all. Ha!

Friday morning started with a quick 15 minute circuit workout followed by 30 minutes of HIIT running. You all know my love for these types of runs because they go by speedy fast and have you burnin’ fat all day long…..yesssss!!! I worked until 4, and was spoiled because Michael worked during the day also so we got to spend the night together! Yay! We ran some errands, caught up on some of our DVR’d shows, and just hung out.

Saturday started with this Tone It Up ab workout (watch on YouTube HERE), then 40 minutes on the treadmill. I started by running, then went to an incline walk…and then my hip started hurting so I figured that was NOT good seeing as though the 10K was exactly ONE WEEK away…so I mixed in running and walking on a lower incline.

My Saturday was filled with working, Starbucks (which was gone in exactly 3 1/2 minutes because there was SO MUCH ICE…total sad face), so much laundry, too many errands, and watching Say Yes To The Dress.

Sunday morning started with 45 minutes on the treadmill. I mixed in a bunch of running, jogging, and walking, because my hip did not hurt anymore! I figured it was just a one time thing and wasn’t a big deal, but still took it easy. Michael had the day off with me..YAY! We planned on heading to the mall to go to Apple to see if he can get his phone fixed.img_4576

Once again, his phone had been acting up and it wouldn’t connect to Bluetooth and the GPS wasn’t working. I feel like every couple months it’s either his phone or mine needing to be checked out. The only option the repair guy at Apple gave him was to buy a new iPhone 6 to replace the one he had for $300. Or upgrade…sooooo after going around to AT&T and seeing what his options were there, we ended up back at Apple to buy him a new iPhone 8 Plus, which is gorgeous. Of course I asked the sales man if there was a “two for one” special going on..hahaha. I totally want a new phone, but for now I will stick with my 6 until I desperately need a new one since they are a tad expensive. And in my mind, I would rather get an elliptical than a new phone. Sooooo, there ya go!

There were SO many people at the mall. I know it was Sunday and I should have expected that, but even at Christmas time I have never seen that place so beyond packed. It was a little too much for me and since we were there for 2 hours, I was starting to get super anxious, hot, and honestly just panicked. While standing in Apple waiting for Michael’s new phone to come out, people were bumping into me and hitting my purse with their arms like I was in the way…when that is where the sales man took us. I needed to get out of there and felt like I was suffocating. I went to sit outside of Au Bon Pain and try to breathe and just regroup because I had a feeling I was going to freak out. I went in there to get something to drink (sadly, the line for Starbucks was beyond the store next to it and I did not want to wait in that line with all of those people)…and saw that they had some unsweetened tropical iced green tea. Umm, YUM!! It tasted like pineapple green tea and was MAGICAL!img_4577

When Michael was finally walking toward me, I was still feeling all sorts of anxious and just ready to get the heck out of there. But, on our way out we walked by Godiva and spotted some glorious chocolate covered strawberries and had to stop to get one. (I totally needed it, clearly). We got just one dark chocolate covered strawberry to share and it was delicious.

We rushed to get out of there after and then finally….we exited the mall and all that craziness and was finally FREE AT LAST!!!!5f8740ed-a7bd-4107-b898-8320e7e46f9e

Once we got back in town, we picked up some food, relaxed, and watched The House before bed. We both don’t even remember seeing the preview or anything for this movie, but decided to watch it since it was free on HBO.


Today started with a 15 minute bodyweight workout followed by 30 minutes of HIIT running. I am getting anxious for the run on Saturday and for the flight on Thursday, so I needed something that would keep my mind off of thinking about it all. But, I just need to keep thinking of how happy I will be once we are there Thursday afternoon…. I can’t believe in just 3 days we will be in my favorite place in the whole world!!

Enjoy your Monday!! XOXO ♥♥

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