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Warmer weather ahead!

Happy Tuesday!! I’m popping in today for a very short post to say heyyyy! I hope you are having a great week!

As the days go by, Thursday keeps getting closer and closer..and that means we are so so close to being on a plane heading to Orlando…ahhh!!!! I have once again left the packing and everything until the last minute. I mean really, did you expect anything else from me? I always wait until the day before we leave and frantically pack everything. I still have a few things (like snacks, and a bunch of things from CVS) to pick up too, but I will hopefully do that today.

We are getting some weird (but great) weather here…it’s supposed to reach 65 today and 72 tomorrow. Just a little tease I guess, but it still feels cold to me. Ha! I’m looking forward to Florida weather and can’t wait to be in shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits! YAY!

Yesterday I was unexpectedly spoiled!! Michael thought he had to work all day and night, but once he got there he realized he had the wrong day so he came back home! We got to spend the day together and I was very happy 🙂

I finally got new sneakers for the race! They are the same ones I always get, just a different color…black and pink! (To match my race outfit)

This morning started with 10 minutes of ab work, then 45 minutes of running. My hip is still kind of feeling weird when I walk on the treadmill, but not when I’m running. Anddddd since I needed to break in my sneakers, running it was!

Sorry for the very short post, but I have a busy day ahead! Gotta get ready for DISNEY WORLD!! YAA!!!!!

Have a great day!! XOXO ♥♥

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