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Thinking Out Loud #36: It’s Disney day!!

Good morning! Happy Thursday!! It’s DISNEY DAY!!! It’s a GREAT DAY!!!

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We’ve been getting some great weather the past two days; sunshine and reaching up to 70 degrees! It was just getting us ready for some Florida weather I suppose 😉 Today is another story though; rain, snow, and sleet is making it’s way to Massachusetts and apparently the messy stuff is expected to start “later in the day” so let’s cross our fingers please and say SO MANY prayers that we get out of here on time and with a smooth flight…because you all know how I HATE flying, but LOVE Disney World so it’s okay.071e025c578adcce35b4e295c9fca8fbYou would think I wouldn’t feel anxious or anything about flying since we fly so often, but the anxiousness and panicky feeling are in full swing over here, guys. All week I’ve been nervous (but of course excited) about it. I think I honestly do better when we book spontaneous trips that are unexpected, as crazy as that sounds. I think I do better when I don’t dwell on it for weeks, and months. The 10K race isn’t really helping my anxiety either, I am feeling pretty nervous about that too but I am mainly excited.

I got my nails and eyelashes done! Now I am officially ready 😉

I started packing Tuesday night when Michael fell asleep after work. It’s actually pretty easy to pack for Disney; just bathing suits, custom made t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, flip flops…ok, maybe it’s not “easy” because I always stress out about it, but I feel like it’s pretty simple because I always have “Disney outfits” that I have specifically for the trip. So technically, I didn’t wait until the “very last second” to pack, score!!

I’m so excited to be going for 7 days since we’ve had a couple trips that were only a quick 4 day thing. It’s going to feel glorious when we are there to have those extra days!!

With that being said, I am cutting this one REAL SHORT because I have to get a move on here! The car will be picking us up soon and we will be on our way to vacationnnnnn!!! I promise to have lots and lots of FUN posts all about Disney when we return!! 🙂

Have a wonderful day, and a great weekend!! XOXO ♥♥

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