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Thinking Out Loud #37: Home from Disney

Hey heyyyy!!!! Long time no chat! I have been completely loving life and taking full advantage of being in Disney on vacation. However, I am back to real life now and no longer in my happy place (sad face), but at least I can start planning our next Disney trip and my next RunDisney race! (It is true what they say; after one RunDisney race, you are addicted!!)

I’m linking up with the ever so fabulous Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party, because we all know I have some random thoughts after traveling!! 😉 Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

  • Our flight from Boston to Orlando we had a BRAND NEW plane and it was AMAZING!
  • The seats had extra padding on them, the screens were HUGE and were touch screens, and the take off was like in slow motion which felt like we weren’t moving at all! GOOOO JETBLUE!!!
  • On the flip side, our plane from Orlando to Worcester was old and just gross…the bathroom was an absolute horror. But, our flight was actually FABULOUS! Honestly there was only a couple bumps here and there but for the most part the seat belt sign was off for a good chunk of the flight. I was even able to be on my phone the whole entire flight…which is something that doesn’t usually happen because I end up feeling yucky after a while. Maybe, just maybe those Sea Bands that Courtney mentioned on her blog a while ago really does help…either with the motion sickness. or just my mental health. HAHA. Michael tells me “it’s all mental” which is probably the truth. Case in point: when I tense up during the take off and freak out….it is an overall bad flight, but if I don’t do that…it is fine! How about that?!?
  • Landing here is super depressing, guys. To be quite honest. I mean, there are no palm trees, sunshine, blue blue skies, green green grass, or castles… I don’t like this game. Seriously, take a peek for yourself: take off VS. landing…..yuckkkkk!
  • At least the weather is supposed to be in the 60’s today..but then that is going to change quickly. Tomorrow we are either supposed to get snow or lots and lots of rain with wind and all that madness. I definitely took in all of that gorgeous sunshine and heat while in Disney…it was GORGEOUS!!
  • The return of DUNKIN was greatly welcomed this morning. I honestly couldn’t wait to taste the deliciousness…and of course, I was excited to watch Kelly and Ryan too since I had missed it for a whole week!img_5181
  • The only workouts I did in Disney was a bunch of stretching pre and post 10K…and walking around the parks all day, every day! I was actually really sore after the race, but luckily Michael bought some magical lotion at the RunDisney Health & Wellness Expo from a vendor (more on that later) that he massaged all over me like twice a day and I was feeling better in no time! To be honest, it felt kinda good to not workout every day and just enjoy our time away. But, I was more than ready for a great sweat session this morning, and even though I still have some sore muscles in the back of my thighs (I think I pulled something yesterday in my left thigh, lovely), I ran 4 miles and did 10 minutes of planks! I totally have the running bug and want to register for more RunDisney races. Michael is quick to tell me “They have races in Massachusetts you know.” ….mhmm, why thank you sweet husband. But I will in fact stick with Disney races for now. 😉 I mean who in the world wouldn’t want to run in Disney in a TUTU and TIARA!?!?! (More on the race later, but I DID IT!!!!)
  • I think I’m still in lala land today because my mind is elsewhere….like I can’t even concentrate on this blog post. HAHA.
  • Because of that, and because I have lots to do for work, I am ending this here today! Have no fear, there will be LOTS of Disney posts ahead!! Stay tuned!!

Have a fabulous day!! XOXO ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #37: Home from Disney

  1. Welcome back! I was following along on instagram. Looked like you had an AMAZING time. Looking forward to reading the recaps! I think I am going to sign up for a half marathon in Disney in the next year. Need to set aside the money for this kind of trip though.

    1. Thank you so much!! Omg, you will have so much fun running a half in Disney!! Let me know if you register for one! I am setting a goal for myself to run the fairytale challenge next year (both the 10K and half!) during the princess half marathon weekend, and actually signing myself up for it all this weekend! I figured if I ran the 10k during wine & dine in November I could train real hard for that to get a good proof of time! 🙂 Disney is definitely pricey, but if you stay at a value resort you could save money that way!

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