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Our Stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- Riverside

Helllooo!! Happy Friday to you! I hope you have all had a fabulous week and are ready to welcome the weekend ahead…I know I am more than ready for the weekend (even though I have been vacationing for most of the week, yesterday felt like a whole week in itself HAHA)! It is pretty crappy outside today..apparently we are getting some intense nor’easter with crazy high winds, a lot of rain and possibly a lot of snow too. Yuck. I wish we were back in the warm sunshine for sure!

I’m coming at you today with a post about our stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- Riverside! This review is completely my own thoughts, and isn’t being endorsed by anything….just 100% my honest thoughts about our stay!

This was our first time staying there, and even though this isn’t one of our “top Disney resorts”, we would stay here again! The resort was beautiful; definitely a picturesque setting that evokes the romance of rural Louisiana. And bonus: Port Orleans Riverside is DOG FRIENDLY!?! Yup, you read that right! You can bring your dog (limit 2 dogs per room) to stay with you during your Disney stay! How awesome is that!? Michael swore he saw a “cat” in one of the rooms when we were walking by and I told him it must have been a stuffed animal, but maybe it was a dog instead, or someone was mighty sneaky and snuck in a cat. Haha.

Anyways, checking into Port Orleans was easy and welcoming. I could have swore we took pictures during check in of the beautiful lobby, but those are no where to be found. Booooo! The first thing we did after check in was head to Riverside Mill Food Court and hit up their amazing salad bar! (That I did not know existed here…I thought the only salad bar was at Gasparilla Island Bar! To say I was excited is an understatement.) img_4641I got a salad (filled with romaine, corn, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, oranges, and balsamic vinegar on the side), an apple, and a small fruit salad. I pretty much ate this same exact lunch every day of our trip! Simple, healthy, and delicious! (More on our food later!)

We stayed in one of their “Royal Guest Rooms”..room 9411 to be exact! It was fit for a Princess and absolutely adorable!

The headboards on those beds came to life and lit up with fireworks!! Magical!! I was obsessed with them! And I secretly think Michael was too; he kept pressing the buttons to make them light up, admit it boo…you loved it! 😉

The resort has 5 pools around the whole resort…it’s a pretty big resort which I didn’t actually realize until this trip. We visited two pools during our stay: Ol’ Man Island and one at Magnolia Bend (closest to our room).

We thought the resort was close to everything because we rented a car and could easily get around to the parks, other resorts, and Disney Springs! And it only took us about 4 minutes to get to Epcot on race day at 4AM…which was really great!

Overall, the room itself was clean (besides lots of DUST that flew in the air frequently when I moved some things around….yuckkk), and the cast members around the resort we talked to were nice and mostly accommodating. The only not so great thing that happened was after our room had been “cleaned” (I type it like that because I honestly think that day someone just came in to make our bed, and didn’t do anything else in there) they didn’t give us any extra toilet paper, and we were in need of some at 10pm…so I called the front desk (which then directed me to “Disney Guest Services”) and asked for some toilet paper. By the time 11pm rolled around I called back and said forget it, because we just wanted to go to sleep. Whatever, right? Well no actually, 1am rolled around and we got a knock on the door from a cast member holding our toilet paper. Lovelyyyyy.

Other than that small hiccup, everything else was great. When I asked for more bath soap bars, I received a whole bag filled with them. (Happy dance!!!) And when they “refilled” our stock each day I would hide it just to get a new one….am I crazy? Probably. Michael got a laugh out of it. But my love for these soaps is REAL people!!!Basically I hoard Disney bath soap bars. Well technically I don’t “hoard” them, I use them to add a bit of Disney magic to my showers each day. But I must admit I have a whole shelf in my bathroom cabinet FILLED with those babies!! 😉 *Please send any and all Disney bath soap bars to me, pretty please and I will love you forever!!* 

All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Port Orleans and would probably stay there again in the future. (I actually might book it for November’s Wine & Dine half marathon weekend…because I want to run that 10K too, but we will see). The only thing we found ourselves saying during our stay was that “we wished we had booked a deluxe resort” because that is always our thoughts whenever we are in Disney. Haha. But, I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone…especially a royal room for little (and big) princesses!! 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I appreciate you! I hope you have a great day and an even better weekend! XOXO ♥♥

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