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Dinner at The California Grill

Hey hey! Happy Tuesday! It’s crazy to me to think that we just got back from Disney last Wednesday…it honestly feels like it’s been a month. Haha!! The struggle has been real with trying to come back to reality, but such is life. And apparently to top it all off we are getting slammed with a huge storm tomorrow…which will dump up to 12 inches of snow on us. Pray for me, ya’ll. A quick weekend trip to Disney sounds mighty fine right about now…. I may or may not be booking something todaywhaaaat!?

Anyways, this morning started with a 35 minute total body circuit workout followed by a quick 2 mile run on my treadmill. I told myself that once it gets warmer outside I have to get my bum outside to run instead of the treadmill….so I’m putting it out there so you all can hold me accountable once spring decides to show her pretty self around here, if she ever does. Mmmkay?

Since I know you are all here for the Disney recap, right? I mean come on, you didn’t think I wouldn’t talk about it, did you really now?! Today’s post is about our first night’s dinner at The California Grill. The California Grill is one of our favorite restaurants at Disney! I snagged us reservations just that afternoon for that night (during the fireworks!), so I felt like it was fate and we just HAD to do it. We went here the night after we got engaged, so this restaurant will always be special to me. You might also remember we dined here the night we celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Disney, where I surprised Michael with a mini replica of our wedding cake!! (Find that HERE)

The restaurant is located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort, giving away panoramic views of Bay Lake, The Grand Floridian, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Cinderella’s Castle. It is breathtaking! (Blogger fail, I didn’t take photos of the views this time around because it was already dark when we got in there, but I promise you it is breathtaking!)

They offer over 300 hand-picked wines (mostly from California), and have delicious gourmet dishes. Once we were seated, we ordered a bottle of Fairytale Cuvee champagne to celebrate! (Because I think this was the champagne we had at our wedding, so we always have to order this specific champs no matter what!) 😉


Our waiter brought us over a bread basket, which we both dug into pretty quickly seeing as though we were ravenous. (Later regretting it, I don’t know if it’s the whole gluten thing, but my stomach was killlllllin’ me with all the bread eating). For dinner, I ordered a salad and a side of vegetables, Michael ordered the oak-fired filet of beef.

By the time we were mostly done our meals, the Happily Ever After fireworks show began! I love watching the fireworks from there because they dim the lights, pipe in the music, and you get a magnificent view of the show from high up! You can see the fireworks from the lounge or from their observation deck, which we chose to go outside on the deck to watch it.

I still enjoyed Wishes more from that restaurant because the castle projections are a MAJOR part of the Happily Ever After show. If you watch from the restaurant pretty please make sure you go into the park and watch there so you get the FULL experience. It is amazing!

We had a fabulous night at The California Grill. It was a magical start to our vacation for sure! 🙂

Have a great day!! XOXO ♥♥

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