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Breakfast at The Grand Floridian Cafe

Helloooo! Happy hump day! We have reached the middle of the week! Fingers crossed the rest of it goes by fast 😉 We are getting slammed with another nor’easter and 15 INCHES OF SNOW (WHAT!?) is expected today. I was hoping it would be a repeat of last week’s “nor’easter” with just rain instead of snow, but I don’t think we will be that lucky. Isn’t winter supposed to be over once February is done? 🙁 Booooo!

I don’t know about you, but when we have days like this…..Disney dreaming is in full effect over here….. what better way than to share a post today about our FAVORITE restaurant in Disney, actually it may even be my favorite restaurant anywhere. It is just the best!

I’m talking about The Grand Floridian Cafe, duhhh! I have raved about this restaurant many times, but here I am again raving about it. During our trip, we ate breakfast here every single day. Yup, you read that right. We ate here EVERY DAY! It is just THAT GOOD! And it is just a bonus that it’s at my favorite resort. I just love going to the Grand Floridian, it feels like home.

The number one thing I would look forward to when going to the Grand is being greeted at the front door by Richard, the world’s most adorable Grand Floridan Greeter.

He is SO SWEET!!!

Breakfast always started with some coffee (and some silliness)

Followed by some pictures with my favorite waiter ROBERT 🙂 (love you!)

Biscuits first, then our food… however, I thought we had taken more photos of Michael’s food everyday, but I guess we just focused on mine, and only snapped a pic of his plate of Floridian Pancakes which are to DIE FOR! 

My FRUIT plates were HEAVEN on a plate, legit…

Breakfast always was followed by pictures around the Grand…

…and then we were off to the parks! But we always got our days started with some delicious breakfast! (My favorite meal of the day, of course!)

At The Grand Floridian Cafe we always expect to be treated like gold with the best service and the best food. If (what am I saying, not ‘if’, I mean WHEN) you dine here, you will not be disappointed, and make sure you request Robert 😉

Have a wonderful day! XOXO ♥♥

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